The Avalon mall is the main shopping centre in St. John's, and as a result, most people have a love/hate relationship with the place. Parking is never easy - you can often spot people flipping out over not getting a spot. If you're lucky enough to make it inside you'll like find the mall is more packed than a can of Vienna sausages.  It's all quite an ordeal.

However, like most jobs the experience is 100% different if you're an employee versus a shopper. You're the lucky person who gets to deal with the crazy yahoo's, cheapskates, arrogant teenagers and the odd genuine customer. If you're a customer service warrior from the Avalon mall then you'll be able to relate to these struggles no problem.

Mall rats

We don't mean actual rats. We're talking about individuals who live, breathe and dies for the mall. You know who I'm talking about. The people who you see in the mall every. single. day. They absolutely love the mall! To the point where if you see them outside the mall it's just plain weird.

The food court

The pros and cons of the food court. Pro — never going hungry on your break. Con – spending your pay cheque on fast food. Pro — always having accessible coffee and tea. Con — Hanging out with some new lbs whether you want to or not.

Going to work empty-handed and leaving with something new

The joys of working next to a hundred different stores. There is something to match everyone's tastes being sold at the Avalon Mall. Most of the time you leave with useless crap you'll never need, but sometimes you can actually find something super useful.

Seeing someone you know

Sometimes it's nice to see a familiar face but on cranky get-outta-my face days you could live without it. Walking through Avalon Mall can feel like the high school reunion you never signed up for, but every once in a while you run into someone that it's genuinely nice to see.

Midnight madness

Two of the most dreadful days in all of Avalon malls history. It's like Black Friday just not on Black Friday. That's right: there are two separate occasions for complete and utter retail chaos. It's all fun and games until you've been standing on your feet in flats for 10 hours watching people fight hand over fist for 2 for $10 t-shirts.


Don't even get me started on parking. Employees don't receive any special parking and usually have to park light years away. Forget parking in the underground parking if you're working an evening shift — fat chance. Not to mention if someone dings your car you won't find out until hours after they've fled the scene

"Do you have our rewards card? Would you like one?"

Employees have probably said this in their sleep. You've asked so many people this question that you can tell who has one, who wants one and who doesn't even before they respond.

Sore feet

Hours upon hours of standing on your feet in uncomfortable shoes is probably the worst. You've allocated a portion of your pay just for Epson salt to soothe your achy feet after a long shift. Those hard concrete floors will do you and your feet in for sure. The struggle is so real and can be so painful.

The return policy

The reaction you get when you say "exchange only" is never a pleasant one. Then you get to hear the classic "I lost my receipt and only bought it a few days ago can I get my money back?" when people come in for a return. Um, that's a hard no and the make of these jeans was last summer.

"Where is your supervisor?"

The point in the heated conversation where you can wipe your hands clean. Watch your supervisor deal with the lunatic and continue on your marry way. If you're the unfortunate one who is the supervisor you're usually in for a fun ride. Sometimes it's easier to just give the person what they want so they will just go away.

When Santa and Easter photos happen

It's the most wonderful time of the year — to hear kids scream, whine, laugh and cry. Some kids LOVE Santa! And you'll be able to tell when they come running saying "SAAAANTAAAA!" It's cute! For a few days then eventually it gets old and you get sick of saying "what?" to your customers because you can't hear over the kids screaming their heads off.