St. John's is jam packed full of talented people from all walks of life, including photographers, fashion designers, illustrators, visual artists, musicians, Canadian icons — the list goes on. Someone is always doing something mind blowing so why not see what all the fuss is about?

Catch up with your fellow Newfoundlanders and support them with a follow online! Scan through the work your fave local artists, and discover new talent that will bring a smile to your face. We couldn't include everyone in this article, but we did include these beauties.

Ritche Perez // @ritche.perez

A photographer who is a photoshop wizard. Perez's account focuses on St. John's and the people who live there. His amazing photoshop skills combine scenic photos with everyday life. Never a dull photo!

Theme: Photography

via @robynflannigan

Robyn Flannigan // @robynflannigandesign

A local illustrator, Robyn Flannigan is blowing up on Instagram. Her creative and simplistic flow makes you eager to see more. Her account is full of beautiful illustrations with a splash of Newfoundland. If you aren't following her yet then you need to check her out.

Theme: Illustration

Brendan Kelly // @__brendankelly__

Brendan Kelly makes wildlife photography look so easy. His Instagram is loaded with cute animals such as puffins, beavers, birds and the list goes on. If you love nature and you love Newfoundland then there is no reason why you shouldn't be following this guy.

Theme: Photography

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Jessika Petten // @jessikapetten

An Instagram account that's never boring. Full of magical creations with makeup, cake icing and shots around Newfoundland. Jessika Petten has successfully reached over 38.9k followers and it's not hard to see why. If you're looking something to brighten your day then this is the answer.

Theme: Lifestyle

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Mike Gough // @mikegoughart

You've probably seen his work in various galleries downtown. But now you can see it all the time on Instagram. His simple, abstract and creative tone is loved by many. Be sure to keep up to date with all his latest work by following him.

Theme: Visual Art

via @newfoundwalls

Newfoundwalls // @newfoundwalls

This Instagram account is full of street art based in Newfoundland and features international work as well. If you're roaming the streets you've probably seen at least one of these. Based has travelled around the world and has left a little piece in each spot. If you love street art then this is the account you need to be following.

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Megan Sooley // @sooleydesigns

A women's fashion enthusiast in Newfoundland, Sooley Designs is full of hand-made elegant dresses and beautiful models surrounded by Newfoundland. Megan Sooley is an upcoming women's fashion designer and she's weaving her way to the top. Be sure to follow her progress on her Instagram account.

Theme: Fashion

via @heavyweatherca

Adam Penney & Justin Davis // @heavyweatherca

These two local filmmakers focus on capturing musicians best moments. Heavyweatherca is a film company based out of Newfoundland that helps musicians film live performances on location. They have built a library of live performances with acts that include Katie Baggs, Repartee, Coyote, Matthew Hornell and many more. Get the behind the scenes action and follow these guys.

Theme: Film

via @mrgrips

Mr. Grips // @mrgrips

Illustrating Newfoundland culture in a unique geometric way. Mr. Grips has tastefully taken icons of Newfoundland and transformed them into works of art. His followers are around 10k and growing! If you haven't seen his work it's worth the look!

Theme: Illustration

J Reid // @jreidstudios

Features the wear and tear of Newfoundland along with beautiful women in interesting places, J Reid captures the nooks of Newfoundland that some might overlook. Be sure to keep up to date with what he's doing next.

Theme: Photography

via @greenandgoldband

Green & Gold // @greenandgoldband

You've been to their concerts, heard their music. Now it's time to follow them on Instagram. Green & Gold have just released a new album, so be sure to check them out.

Theme: Music

via @critchmark

Mark Critch // @critchmark

Get your daily dose of laughter by following Mark Critch. A Newfoundland icon who is absolutely hilarious. You may recognize him shirtless behind Justin Trudeau's visit to Signal Hill. Clothed or shirtless he is always up to something, so don't miss out.

Theme: Comedy