You're itching to get away for the day. You and your bestie want to go on a hike, sit on the beach or just get out of the city. Quidi Vidi just isn't cutting it anymore and you've been to Signal Hill more times than you can count. So where should you go?

Well lucky for you there are tons of spots you and the by's can go! If you want hiking there's a spot for that. If you want to sit your arse on the beach there's a spot for that too. There is something for everyone this season even if we do get another blast of snow. So check out these spots, day trips are always a good idea.

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La Manche Provincial Park

Once upon a time La Manche used to be a small village. It's now home to the ever popular La Manche Provincial Park. Venture deep into the thick of the woods only to find an amazing suspended bridge. Near by you'll also find a swimming hole to cool off from the hike.

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Pouch Cove

Drive out to Pouch Cove and enjoy what Marine Park has to offer. Here you can enjoy tons of water activities and take a spin in a boat or two. If you're not in the mood for any of that there are plenty of trails in Pouch Cove. One in particular is Stiles Cove Path, which has beautiful landscapes anyone will love.

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Since it is iceberg season it's time to go on the hunt! One place you can catch these magnificent slabs of ice is near Flatrock. Take a jaunt out around and enjoy the blissfulness of empty space, rocky beaches, high waves and maybe if you're lucky a few icebergs.

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Salmonier Nature Park

A popular destination if you're looking to spend the day outside St. John's. Go visit your favourite furry friends at Salmonier Nature Park. Here you'll get to see some moose, beaver, minks, bald eagles and snowy owls to name a few! The walk takes a little under and hour but worth it if you wanna soak up the sun and have fun doing it.

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Northern Bay Sands

Plant those cheeks in the sand for the day. Enjoy watching the waves, hearing the birds above and the sea breeze through your hair. If you're brave enough to go for a dip in the Atlantic be my guest! After that grab a bite to eat at Hogan's. I heard they have the best chicken fingers and fries around.

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The perfect place to go on a day hike. The walk to the Ferryland lighthouse you'll see wind turbines, a few birds and some picturesque landscapes. Not up for a hike? Ferryland has an archaeology dig for viewing as well. You need to stop by here this Spring!

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If you're looking to get a feed of fish and chips then you need to go to Dildo. The Dildo Dory and Grill will whip up the best plate for you. Not only that but the drive is a gem in itself. Be sure to stop by the popular sign everyone seems to have in their Insta.

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Another beach you need to visit. This stretch of sand is the perfect way to spend the day with your bestie. Pack a lunch, bring a towel, load up with sunscreen and you're laughin'. This place doesn't get the traffic it deserves so make sure you take advantage of that!

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Bell Island

Catch a ride on the Bell Island ferry to visit this treasure. The island is only tiny and doesn't take very long to drive around the whole thing. Here you can visit the old mines and view some pretty sick scenery.

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Conception Bay South

C.B.S is home to an assortment of trails and fun activities. Start the day by hiking Topsail Beach Mountain. Here you'll take in the beauty of the shoreline. After that it's time to hit up Bergs Famous Ice Cream — they offer over 50 different flavours. From there you can watch the sunset on the beach in Seal Cove.

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A few hours away from St. John's is Mobile. Prime location if your bestie loves to hike. They have an assortment of trails associated with the East Coast Trail so you know it's legit. One of the popular ones being Tinkers Point Path. Here you'll see majestic bald eagles soaring the skies, whales (in season) and if you're lucky a few ice bergs. Why hit the gym when you can enjoy the great outdoors?

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Red Cliff

Located in Logy Bay is the old abandoned Red Cliff Base. Covered in graffiti it's a pretty cool sight for those interested in street art. The hike there is also nice and gives you two alternate routes to take. One brings you to a view of the city of St. John's while the other showcases the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Either way there is little room for disappointment!