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12 Fun Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Newfoundland And Labrador

It's no secret that Newfoundland is a charming province. It's known for its colourful houses and colourful personalities. The history dates back centuries and it's easily one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. The ancient architecture and windy streets truly make it stand out from the rest of Canada.

This unique province has some pretty fun facts that you may find interesting. Whether you're a history buff or not! Here are a few that may tickle your fancy.

St. John's was nearly burnt to a crisp during the 18th century.

Five times to be exact! They happened in 1816, 1817, 1819, 1846, but the most deadly of all was the Great Fire in 1892.

We were the first province to receive a wireless communication in the world.

Sent by Marconi from England in 1901.

We're the most sexually active people in Canada.

Newfoundlanders love to get between the sheets.

France is only an hour boat ride away

Well a part of France — St. Pierre and Miquelon is only a few hours from St. John's.

Vikings lived here!

Way up north in L'anse Aux Meadows was home to plenty of vikings!

Newfoundland convenience stores sell beer until 2AM.

Talk about your one stop shop.

Newfoundland is home to the critically endangered Boreal Felt Lichen.

94% of them to be exact!

We have dog breeds named after the province.

One of the most popular dogs in the world — the Labrador and the beloved Newfoundland dog.

St. John's has one of the most colour waterfronts in the world.

Did you know that the row houses were painted all different colours so the ships could see them through the fog?

St. John's is the oldest city in North America.

Not only that but Water Street is the oldest street in Canada.

Newfoundland and Labrador has their own dictionary.

To help all those visiting around the Bay.

The Royal St. John's Regatta is one the oldest sporting events in Canada.

Held on the first Wednesday of August every year.

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