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12 Iconic Pubs Everyone In St. John's Needs To Visit At Least Once

If it's one thing St. John's is known for it's their wide variety of pubs and bars. Loved by many whiles others share a love/hate relationship. These bars are full of good times, laughs and sometimes questionable behaviours. They attract people from all walks of life and various age groups. 

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While there are many pubs to choose from there are a few that are a must. When you finally start to explore the downtown scene there are several pubs that will be your go to. While others will be your friends stomping grounds. Either way you're bound to try at least one of these iconic pubs in St. John's.

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Shamrock City Pub // 340 Water St.

There isn't a place quite like Shamrock. Live music to fill your ears and tons of beer to be had. Not only that but they have food to soak up all the pints you've guzzled. This tasteful Irish bar may not guarantee you luck but you're bound to have a time.

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Rob Roy's // 8 George St.

Home to some of the best drink specials in town. With 345, Toonie Tuesdays and ladies night on Friday's, not having fun isn't an option at Rob Roy's. As they say "we service and install hangover's."

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Christian's Bar // 25 George St.

Every Newfoundlander witnesses the countless outsiders kissing frozen cod, each time more thankful of our roots. Christian's Bar is the place to have a good laugh and make some new friends. You won't believe the people you'll bond with over frozen fish and gibberish.

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Duke of Duckworth // 325 Duckworth St.

Best place to grab a bite of fee and chi and cold pints. The history alone makes The Duke Of Duckworth worth checking out. Many people say it's haunted but others say it just has a lot of character. One thing is for sure you'll have the best time with a few of the by's over drinks.

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The Ship Pub // 265 Duckworth St.

With enough live music to go around you'll be all set for the weekend. Along with the wide variety of beers on tap you'll be loving every minute of it. Come join the by's for a jig and a few cold ones! They also have various events year round. This is where Newfoundlanders go to relax and converse over a cold brew.

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Bridie Molloy's // 296 Water St.

Bridie Molloy's is music to your ears — literally. They always put on a good show for the crowd. With different bands playing throughout the month there is never a dull moment. Drink up and be merry at Bridie Molloy's. One of the best things about this pub is they are connected to The Celtic Hearth. After you get your buzz on scarf down a feed of your choice.

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O'Reilly's Irish Bar // 13 George St.

O'Reilly's is dedicated to ensuring their customers have a good time. What is a bar in downtown St. John's without good music? Forget the beats and dive into a Newfoundland party. There's nothing like a good fiddle to get your feet tapping. O'Reilly's dress up for every occasion and they never disappoint!

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Green Sleeves Pub // 12 George St.

Green Sleeves' is proud to offer live local music every night. There is always something new popping up at Green Sleeves Pub and it's no secret. Check out their events schedule and have a gawk at their menu. This is a hot spot among locals and a place every Newfoundlander should experience.

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Lottie's Place // 3 George St.

One of the first places any Newfoundlander will hit up in their early years. The place you first got your bearings for how much you can handle. The place where you learned how many was too many. Mostly because White Russians is a total starter pack. Need I say more?

Erin's Pub // 186 Water St.

Where do you go to get the best pint of Guinness in town? Erin's Pub. Sit back and relax while you feel the smoothness of a pint. All that while your ears are being treated to the sound of music. A cozy spot "up the street" but a spot you can't miss!

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Trinity Pub // 8 Beck's Cove

Tucked away in a corner near Geroge Street is Trinity Pub. This spot is a gem of a pub and is loved by many. This low-key bar has everything you need for a solid night. You won't be crowd surfing in here but that's kind of the point. Grab a few drinks and chill out with the by's for the evening. Sometimes that's just as good as a bumping crowd.

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Rose and Thistle Pub // 208 Water St.

As you're walking down Water street stop in for a look. The by's are always having a laugh in there and you're bound to see someone you know. A smaller venue but sometimes that's the best part. Who knows you might rub shoulders with the right person at the right time. Either way, enjoy the bands and beers.

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