If you visited Newfoundland then you know the lingo is like no other. We know we talk super fast and you probably spend most of the time listening to how we say things rather what we're actually saying. No worries, you’re not the only one who turns their head when it comes to Newfoundland slang! If this sounds like you then maybe you will find this useful! Here are some of the meanings behind our fabulous slang.

What da ya at?

Definition: a phrase to ask what’s up and usually said in one breath.

Usually confusing to most people who live outside of Newfoundland and usually the response is “...what? I'm right here.”

Best kind

Definition: another way to say that’s no problem or that’s okay!

Of course Newfoundlanders need their own expression for this and usually shorten it to “BK.”

She's some saucy!

Definition: as in — she has an attitude! Usually referred to a woman who is quick thinking and has a clever tongue.

Note to self: never say your girlfriend is saucy.

Baymen and townies

Definition: someone who lives “around the bay” are considered baymen. Townies are people living in St. John’s and close proximity.

Side note: you can usually tell by someone’s accent if they are a baymen or townie. Unless they’re drunk, then good luck!

Yes by!

Definition: depending on the inflection of this saying, it can mean almost anything, good or bad!

Every Newfoundlander is guilty of saying this, baymen or townie!

Yer some crooked

Definition: saying the person is in a bad mood or being difficult to get along with.

Warning: telling someone they are crooked will end up with them being more crooked.

G'wan with cha

Definition: A phrase most will use when they can’t believe what their hearing.

“Carnation milk is on for one dollar at Pipers! – G’wan with cha’!”

I'm sh!tbaked

Definition: represents how frightened or scared someone is.

“Almost hit a moose last night! I was sh!tbaked!”

Now da once

Definition: a measure of time, which usually isn’t a good measure if you’re not from Newfoundland.

“I’ll be there now the once!” Could mean 5 minutes or depending on who it is — an hour.

Nar bit

Definition: the short and sweet version of nothing left.

Fact: Newfoundlanders usually shorten and say everything as quick as possible.

Oh me nerves

Definition: usually something said out of frustration. “You’re getting on my nerves by!”

Often heard during rush hour and while watching the weather network.