10 St. John's Cafés You Must Visit If You Really Love Coffee

Get your fix!
10 St. John's Cafés You Must Visit If You Really Love Coffee

Worshipped by workaholics, loved by bookworms and an essential for diligent students is coffee. Your favourite cup of Joe, Java, or as some say "fuel" - it's these simple things that bring you pure joy. Of course not every coffee is the same: some like it psychopath black, some prefer cream and sugar with a side of coffee...the list goes on.

You can get coffee everywhere, but should you? There is such a thing as a "good cuppa' coffee." So, why waste your simple joy on something that tastes like varnish remover? We've listed a slew of coffee spots you'll absolutely love that serve great quality brew in St. John's!

1. Jumping Bean // 37 Elizabeth Ave.

One of my favourite coffee shops in the city hands down. Jumping Bean offers organic coffee that's ECO2 roasted to perfection. What is ECO2? While roasting their coffee they produce 85% less CO2 emissions! How amazing is that? With their awesome service, warm atmosphere and delicious coffee, who could say no?

2. Coffee Matters // 1 Military Rd.

This chain is a hot spot for any coffee lover. They have been roasting premium coffee since 2008. They offer a comfortable and cozy atmosphere with a taste of Newfoundland hospitality. Along with a solid cup of coffee they offer a selection of treats to add to your simple joy.

3. Fixed Coffee & Baking // 183 Duckworth St.

Fixed approaches coffee different from the rest of their competitors. They brew a single-roast coffee of the day and never blend coffee. They believe in quality over quantity and only brew 6 cups of coffee at a time. Along with fresh coffee they also offer fresh baked goods daily. Sit back and take in the view of Harbourside Park.

4. Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food // 272 Water St.

A staple located in the heart of downtown Water street. Rocket Bakery is a well known point of interest. They serve lunch, desserts, breads and of course coffee and lattes. They have been rated "excellent" by many reviews on Trip Advisor. I personally love their almond croissants with a light roast. If you haven't been down you're totally missing out.

5. Element Coffee Bar & Lounge // 516 Topsail Rd.

How many coffee places in town will serve you Baileys in your coffee — the real deal Baileys. They proudly serve Intelligentsia Coffee along with espresso based drinks, drip coffee, loose leaf tea and did I mention they are a fully licensed bar? They have a full menu of "coffee cocktails" that are served at any point of the day. Monday or Saturday who cares, treat yourself to a coffee cocktail any day!

6. The Battery Cafe // 1 Duckworth St.

Coffee with a view, what more can you ask for? The Battery Cafe brought a old downtown building to life. They roast a blend of Detour Coffee with the "greenest roasting machine in the world." Like fair-trade providers, The Battery Cafe purchases their coffee directly from a Canadian company. So why not let them settle your coffee fix?

7. The Rooms Cafe // 9 Bonaventure Ave.

Experience diverse art inside and the beauty of nature outside while sipping a coffee. The top level of The Rooms is a beautiful cafe overlooking the narrows. They offer a menu from Red Oak Catering and serve a great cup of coffee. The perfect place to unwind and relax!

8. Georgetown Cafe and Bookshelf // 73 Hayward Ave.

A bookworm's paradise nestled in the downtown area. This little treasure serves fair-trade organic blended coffee and tea. With a collection of books to read it's the perfect getaway for the day. Hide yourself in heavenly coffee, delightful pastries and good books.

9. Mochanopoly Board Game Café // 204 Water St.

An evening full of rich coffee and board games. Mochanopoly is Newfoundland's first board game cafe! With an abundance of board games to choose from it's a good thing they have great coffee. Make sure you treat your friends because Monopoly. So bring your game face, sip on some great coffee and have some fun!

1o. Treats // MUN University Centre

A life saver for many students. Treats is always there to help those poor students stay awake for finals. Serve yourself a selection of gourmet coffee from Irish cream, vanilla bean, dark or light roast. They also have great steeped tea for those teabags. Hit the books while you absorb all the caffeine you need.