13 Things Only People From Newfoundland Will Understand

Black Horse, Salmon Fest and the Regatta.
13 Things Only People From Newfoundland Will Understand

Newfoundlanders are a special breed and we're proud of it! If you know someone from here then you know what I mean - we're the wittiest, fast talking' conversation starters you'll ever meet. There isn't much we won't say but you keep us around anyway! Knowing Newfoundlanders there are some things we talk about that you've never even imagined. Some things you never even heard of while others you can't wrap your head around.

Of course not everything is unthinkable. Just because we live on an island doesn't mean we're totally oblivious to the rest of Canada. But there are some thing our neighbours find a bit out of the orindary when they visit. Here are some things that only true Newfoundlanders will understand and can relate to.

You know what "long may your big jib draw" means.

After a few drinks or two you can see some poor sucker getting Screeched in. It's a pretty interesting sight to see! Smooching some dead frozen fish and hearing them drunk talk about "big jibs and draws." It's a nice reminder of how lucky you are to be born in Newfoundland.

Sheila's brush is rubbish.

You know Shelia's always has some tricks up her sleeve. She may deliver some nasty weather in April and fool everyone into thinking that's it! Spring is here! ... Newfoundlanders know that is hardly the case. It's nothing out of the ordinary to see snow in May. If you plan on going camping on May 2-4 then be sure to bundle up!

The after effects of Black Horse and Max Ice.

You and the by's know how to "get on er.'" But depending on what you're drinking it will determine the rest of your week. If you're lucky to inhale some water before bed you're golden — if not, it's game over. Max Ice is a force not to be taken lightly.

Convo starters begin with the weather.

If you're dying to talk to that cutie with a booty across the street the weather is your go to. It always paves the way for a smooth conversation. Mostly because you've probably already changed out of 2 layers and it's only 11am.

Sunday drives to outport communities.

No better way to spend the afternoon then on a Sunday drive with the fam. Numbing your cheeks and listening to Jiggs and Reels is some serious quality time well spent. Passing the floating boats in Mobile and ending with rewarding deep fried ice cream and the E&E Drive in.

The love/hate relationship you have with Ziggy Peelgood's.

Whether it's 3AM or 3PM passing by and not buying is a challenge. Of course it's a miracle you don't scarf it down leaving George street. Eating it in a fashionable manner is always a good idea. Remember George street cam is always watching!

Waiting for the headliners for Salmon Fest.

One of the biggest events of the year. Is this the year you're gonna go and scream your face off to the band you love? Or is it going to be something the "other crowd" likes? Either way thousands of people drive all the way to Grand Falls to get their annual fix.

Moose news.

Forget fake news, moose news is the real deal. Hearing about a moose on the loose is a weekly occurrence during the Summer and Fall months. Crossing your fingers for a positive outcome when you hear of car accidents. Or hoping for the momma and her babies a safe journey home.

Grocery shopping and freezing your vegetables.

The struggle is real in the long Winter months. When you can't rely on Lester's Farm or the Fagan's for fresh veggies. You go to Sobey's and Dominion and play veggie roulette. Playing the game of "how long can I freeze peppers so they will still taste half fresh?"

One word — Skeets.

They are a special kind of individual. Sometimes hard to identify but can be seen all over town. Skeets are everywhere! They are your friends, neighbours, mall rats and your fellow students. Everyone in Newfoundland knows a hand full of skeets. But the real questions is if skeets really know if they are a skeet.

Mission impossible is going out and not seeing someone you know.

If you're feeling anti-social then going to the Avalon mall is a hard no. You can forget it. You're gonna see buddy from work and that chick who babysat my cousins 12 years ago. Most often you'll see people you haven't seen in "ages."

You know the difference between good and bad fi' and chi'.

There are so many options but a true Newfoundland will know "the spot." They will take you to a little ma and pa restaurant and you'll devour your plate. Piled high with fries, smothered with gravy, topped with savoury dressing and the freshest fish you've ever had. There's no fooling the tastebuds of full bred Newfoundlander.

The importance of the first Wednesday in August.

That special day for so many people in Newfoundland. The Royal Newfoundland Regatta of course! A paid holiday for most and the chance to practice your dart throwing skills. The special day of the year to indulge in funnel cake, cotton candy and hot dogs — oh and to get lost in the beer tent. It only happens once a year!

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