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14 Easy-As-Hell MUN Courses To Boost Your GPA

Never fear HRK 1000 is here!
14 Easy-As-Hell MUN Courses To Boost Your GPA

Sometimes a hectic and heavy course load can lead to exhaustion. There just isn't enough coffee to keep you going while studying calculus or economics. Some courses required for your degree may just not be your forté — and that's okay! That's why there are courses to boost the hell out of your GPA. Even if you didn't do so hot last semester don't sweat it! There are plenty of courses that you can take to help out with that.

So start making your GPA boost list and get registering. We've really done our homework on this article, to show you that any semester can be enjoyable!

HKR 1000 - Fitness and Wellness

Probably one of the appealing courses at MUN for an easy elective. When I did this course our class was brought to see a cadaver. Had a look at some healthy and not so healthy lungs and a slew of other organs. Super easy to get an A in this course!

Anthropology 1031 - Intro Social & Cultural Anthropology

If you like writing then this course is perfect. The best part is this course there is no right or wrong answer as long as you justify. This course makes you keep a journal on everything you watch about social and cultural anthropology. I recommend this course to anyone as this course is really enjoyable!

Business 1000 - Intro to Business in Society

So easy anyone can ace this course. A little more reading to do but the information isn't hard to grasp. You learn about how a basic business works and who is involved. Pretty useful in any scenario and is a good foundation for a wide variety of other courses.

Sociology 1000 - Introduction to Sociology

An intro into things you probably already know. It covers the topics of people, concepts and culture. It fosters students to learn about sociological thinking — which is something everyone can use. It also talks about family issues, law and the media. Great course to boost your GPA.

Business 1600 - Intro to Entrepreneurship

An interesting course if you're into business. If you're one of those students who always has an idea for a venture then this course will be very beneficial. There are some group projects but the work is so easy it's nothing to sweat about. Also, this course can be done online which is a bonus!

Police Studies 2000 - An Intro To Policing In Canada

This is a course every student seems to love. Not because everyone loves the po but because it's an easy A. It provides an overview of the history and how it developed in Canada. It covers the dynamics of a policeman or woman, the stress on the job and recruitment. You need to take this course if you haven't already!

Political Science 1000 - Intro to Politics & Government

Political science always contains information everyone should be knowledgable about. This course demonstrates the ins and outs of government and the politics behind it. It can be a touchy subject for most but it's something that is always a hot topic. Brush up on your political jargon and join in on the conversation like a pro.

Anthropology 2260 - War & Aggression

This course material contains a few books and a few papers. Not only that but the books are pretty interesting so I've heard! If you're a history nut or just curious about war this course is right up your alley. Most anthropology courses are really investing and this one is no different!

Folklore 1000 - Intro To Folklore

Who doesn't love old stories and traditions? This course is brought to students by assignments and audiovisual material. Students will be asked to have a look at traditions they have heard within their own culture. Not only is this course easy but it's super interesting!

Religious Studies 2610 - Intro to Religious Ethics

Take a walk through easy street. The name is pretty self explanatory, you'll touch base with several different religions. It also addresses topics like biomedicine, human sexuality and social justice. Something everyone wants to talk about to have a great in depth conversation.

Gender Studies 1000 - Introduction to Gender Studies

The perfect course to shake up your mind a little bit. Are you born this way? Or do you learn to be the way you are? Something to think about right? Gender studies challenges students to become more familiar with gender, race and sexuality. It also creates good discussion on the roles of masculinity and femininity.

Archaeology 2495 - Archaeology Frauds and Mysteries

The name says it all! Mysteries and fraud, sounds like every good thriller. You'll dive deep into popular misconceptions of the past. You'll discover all about Big Foot and other forms of life not on Earth. This course contains some interesting material everyone wants to learn about.

Philosophy 2582 - Media Ethics

If you're not a fan of exams then you need to do this course. Depending on the prof you'll only have 4 discussions and 3 papers. You can't get much better than that. The course name speaks for itself and isn't boring!

Geography 1050 - Geographies of Global Change

Who doesn't want to learn about the world we live in? It's a hot topic if you know what I mean. With so much going on in the world around us you'll learn all about it with this course. It's engaging and a good course to boost your GPA.

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