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14 Memes About Newfoundland’s Snowtastrophe That Are Funny Because They’re True

Newfoundlanders have had a tough 2020 already. On top of a massive blizzard that hit the province, a state of emergency was also put in place. No vehicles were allowed on the road, and businesses were ordered to stay closed. With the Newfoundland state of emergency now in its sixth day, people might be getting a little bit restless.

It's hard enough to have to shovel almost a metre of snow off your driveway, but to also know that you can't run out and pick up essential items like food (especially storm chips) is enough to start getting under your skin. 

After all, it's not every day that this kind of intense winter weather takes place. People have already documented just how much snow came down and what it looks like from their point of view.

Luckily, islanders are pretty much used to this kind of thing, and they can at least deal with it using their signature sense of humour.

We've already seen someone make a music video out of the entire situation, and despite some of the desperate measures people are taking, there's still a sense that people are doing their best to have fun, even while hunkering down. 

That includes creating some pretty hilarious (and very region-specific) memes about the blizzard and the state of emergency (SOE).

What the heck is "Needs?"

Apparently they're convenience stores owned by Sobeys. They're also a great place to grab smokes and Pipsay (you'll be seeing that word a lot).

Flexing those culinary muscles

Considering that grocery stores have only been open for one day, people have had to get creative with what's left in their fridge. Speaking of which...

When grocery shopping needs a training montage

Even though everyone was generally polite during the short window that Sobeys was open, there were still a lot of crowds to contend with.

Only the essentials

So what do you grab first when you do manage to make it into the store? Newfoundlanders know the obvious answer.

Don't even think about cheating the system

Even if you know the Mount Pearl stores are open, you're not supposed to be driving in St. John's. The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary will be happy to remind you of that.

There will be consequences

Maybe not a paddlin', but probably some kind of ticket. Just don't do it, okay?

Because as anyone left in St. John's knows by now...

They're going to have to deal with it just a little bit longer.

Of course, there are still some brave souls

But there really shouldn't be.

But when things are open again, it'll be bad

Let's put it this way: everyone is going to need everything. Keep the workers in your hearts.

Will it ever end?

We have to imagine that by now, shovelling has gotten pretty old. Might as well just wait for it to melt.

They really do look like that

You've probably seen all the pictures of door imprints left in piles of snow by now, so this needs no further explanation.

Staying inside means finding things to do

Do some indoor exercise? Read a book? Nah...

Meanwhile in Toronto...

Sorry Torontonians, but you should probably just keep quiet about your own snow "situation."

And finally, the worst of it:

No double-double? That's a tragedy-tragedy.

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