14 St. John's Restaurants Every Couple Needs To Make Valentine’s Day Reservations At Right Now

Valentine's never tasted so good.
14 St. John's Restaurants Every Couple Needs To Make Valentine’s Day Reservations At Right Now

This Valentine's Day take your sweetheart to a place where the wine is good but the food is even better. Forget the box of chocolates you picked up from Shoppers and spend the night making memories instead. Valentine's does only happen once a year so this is your chance to swoon and spoon.

What better way to sweep them off their feet then with a romantic night out at one of these local favourites.

1. The Gypsy Tea Room // 315 Water St.

Bring your sweet lover to a cozy night out at the Gypsy Tea Room. Amazing food, with an amicable atmosphere is the best combination to impress her this Valentine's Day.

2. Raymonds // 95 Water St.

The best place to bring a date if they have high class. The five-course meal and wine pairing is a must. You and your date are in for a night full of elegant food and glorious wines.

3. Mallard Cottage // 8 Barrows Rd.

Treat your date by going back in time to this 18th century work of architecture. Mallard Cottage has made this Irish/Newfoundland looking cottage their home. Wine and dine the night away while you take in the atmosphere.

4. The Reluctant Chef // 290 Duckworth St.

When your date is a picky eater you bring them to The Reluctant Chef. With no set menu picking something won't be such a headache. They prepare something new and delicious every day so there's no room for disappointment.

5. Blue On Water // 319 Water St.

Indulge in a meal full of flavour and freshness. Be sure to book a reso because this place books up fast! Impress your date by booking in the barrel booth.

6. St. John's Fish Exchange & Wet Bar // 351 Water St.

Dinner with a spectacular view of the harbour — what more could a date ask for? St. John's Fish Exchange is perfectly placed overlooking the narrows. With a menu full of good choices you can be sure this is a safe bet.

7. Tavola // 178 Water St.

Bring a little mediterranean joy to your date night. Tavola is local favourite with lots of menu items to choose from. They serve fresh fish every day and prepare desserts daily to top off your meal. If you haven't been then it's time to change that!

8. Piatto Pizzeria + Entoeca // 377 Duckworth St.

Come one, come all za' lovers. So your date isn't into the fancy shamcy wine and dine experience? Don't you worry your pretty little head. Piatto Pizzeria is where it's at. With so many pizza's to choose from you might even pick two!

9. The Merchant Tavern // 291 Water St.

Woo your date with the Merchant Tavern experience. High quality, fresh, local and wild ingredients to satisfy your tastebuds. A night to remember for you and your date. Be sure to book a table for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day.

10. The Fifth Ticket // 171 Water St.

A good meal and all that jazz — literally. Newfoundlands first piano bar will sweep you and your date off your feet. If your date loves the keys then you NEED to bring them here. What more do I need to say? Piano + food = the perfect date.

11. Portobello's // 115 Duckworth St.

Enjoy the lovely ambience with a view of downtown St. John's. The food is impressive and you will be too when you date your honey to this restaurant. Don't waste a hot second and book a table today.

12. Oliver's // 160 Water St.

A cozy place to have a delightful meal. Oliver's make outstanding seafood dishes that you need to have in your life. If your Valentine is a seafood lover then Oliver's is the prime location.

13. The Adelaide Oyster House // 334 Water St.

See what all the rave is about when you visit Adelaide Oyster House. This little treasure won't let you down on date night. Be sure to choose your sweet pea wisely because they will want to go back.

14. Magnum & Steins // 329 Duckworth St.

Magnum & Steins did you a favour with a Valentine's menu. With a variety of different entrees to choose from you're all set to focus on the more important aspects of the night. Did I mention they have red velvet creme brulee for dessert?