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16 Seafood Restaurants Every True Newfoundlander Needs To Try At Least Once

Who doesn't love a feed of fish and chips? Like most Newfoundlanders you crave the deliciousness of breaded halibut and fries smothered with gravy, dressing and cheese curds. Newfoundland is known as the cream of the crop when it comes to seafood. The cod, salmon, mussels, haddock you name it. We've cooked it, sold it, even kissed it!

Luckily there are plenty of options for all those seafood lovers out there. There's no shortage of seafood restaurants in Newfoundland. So we've done you a favour by listing a few of the ones you have to try.

1. Dildo Dory and Grill // 9 Front Rd.


Must-Try Dish: Fresh cod and a poutine.

2. Ches's Famous Fish and Chips // 9 Freshwater Rd.

St. John's

Must-Try Dish: Cod bite special.

3. By da Beach Fish and Chips // 1608 Thorburn Rd.

Portugal Cove

Must-Try Dish: Deep fried cod and onion rings.

4. Leo's Restaurant & Take Out // 27 Freshwater Rd.

St. John's

Must-Try Dish: Fries, dressing and gravy with deep fried cod.

5. Fisherman's Landing Restaurant // 44 Main St.

Rocky Harbour

Must-Try Dish: Fisherman's delight platter.

6. Chafe's Landing // 11 Main Rd.

Petty Harbour

Must-Try Dish: Lobster.

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7. Duke of Duckworth // 325 Duckworth St.

St. John's

Must-Try Dish: The Duke's fish and chips.

8. Blue on Water // 319 Water St.

St. John's

Must-Try Dish: Seared Salmon.

9. Dick's Fish and Chips // Beach Hill

Bell Island

Must-Try Dish: Two pieces of cod with dressing and gravy.

10. Bacalao // 65 Lemarchant Rd.

St. John's

Must-Try Dish: Bacalao.

11. St. John's Fish Exchange // 351 Water St.

St. John's

Must-Try Dish: Captain's seafood feast.

12. The Merchant Tavern // 291 Water St.

St. John's

Must-Try Dish: Newfoundland cod.

13. Doyle Sansome & Sons Super Lobster Pool // 25 Sansome's Pl.


Must-Try Dish: Snow crab dinners.

14. Adelaide Oyster House // 334 Water St.

St. John's

Must-Try Dish: Seafood fondue.

15. Raymonds // 95 Water St.

St. John's

Must-Try Dish: Halibut.

16. Chucky’s Seafood and Wildgame Restaurant // 8 Harbour View Rd.


Must-Try Dish: Lobster from the live lobster tank.

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