Hit the trails this spring and rediscover the natural beauty of Atlantic Canada. Immerse yourself in the thick forests and rocky hikes that wind through Canada's East Coast, from Cape Breton Island to the Bay of Fundy, over the mountain ranges of Newfoundland and through the beaches of PEI. Buy yourself a solid pair of hiking boots and a huge water bottle before heading out for an epic adventure!

There's no better way to experience spring than with a hiking expedition. If you're not sure where to start, let this guide be the answer to your problems. We've done our homework and researched some of the best routes across the East Coast. So what are you waiting for? areere's memories to be made and paths to conquer!


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Gros Morne Mountain

People come from all over the world just to tackle this beauty. 800m in elevation makes for an interesting hike. Along the way you'll see moose, birds, chipmunks and other wildlife. Several hours later when you finally reach the top you're in for a real treat. The beauty of the fjords below and the mountain tops surrounding you will take your breath away. This is a long hike and be sure you pack appropriately!

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Spout Trail

People love this hike for the beautiful coast line and the wave-powered geyser — which is by far the greatest highlight. However, if you're planning on making this trek be sure to pack an overnight bag and lots of supplies as it could take awhile. Pitch a tent and marvel at the stars above while you spend the night in the woods.

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Long Traverse Gros Morne

The name speaks for itself — this is one of Newfoundland longest hikes. The Long Traverse will take you throughout Gros Morne National Park, showcasing much of the regions natural beauty. This trail is for experienced hikers as there is not set path, so be sure you're well prepared. If you are brave enough to tackle this hike you'll get an awesome workout - 44 kilometres later you'll have reached the end of your adventure.

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Baker Brook Falls

This hike is more relaxed but is still magnificent in its own way. Only 10 km, this trek will lead you to some beautiful falls along the way. The trail is pretty flat and won't leave your legs sore the day after. If you're looking for some nice scenery that isn't too extreme, this hike is perfect for you!

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Skerwink Trail

Located near Port Rexton this 5.3km loop will provide you some serious eye candy. While hiking this bad boy you'll see whales, sea stacks, bald eagles, sea caves, arches and - depending on the month - icebergs! This trail has everything you want in a hike and won't leave you begging for a heating pad the next day. It's also one of the first places to have settlers in Newfoundland. What more could you ask for in a hike?

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Stiles Cove Path

Stiles Cove Path is a part of the East Coast Trail and can be found in Pouch Cove. A much longer trail but worth every minute — 420 minutes if you're wondering. The 15km loop will feature some of Mother Natures best work, including scenic coves, spectacular cliffs, rivers, streams and waterfalls. You'll also encounter four bridges and a swimming hole to cool off in. After a while you'll reach Small Point, which is the perfect spot to kick back and start snacking. Stiles Cove Path is the perfect way to get out of the office and start your weekend.

Nova Scotia

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Gaff Point Trail

Just outside the beautiful town of Luenburg is Gaff Point. A point of interest for many and with good reason. This 7km loop features some pretty spectacular sights and it begins on Hirtles Beach. During your excursion you'll see tons of wildlife, unique geology and the beautiful surrounding landscape. After your journey relax on the beach which stretches 3 km.

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Skyline Trail

Enjoy the beauty Cape Brenton has to offer by hiking the Skyline trail. Start your hike and make your way through the thick of the forest. You may even be lucky to spot a few moose, bears and or bald eagles. Eventually, you'll reach peak elevation of 455 km, where you'll have a 360 degree view of what you just accomplished. Overall this hike takes around 2-3 hours depending on how fit you are - the perfect day hike to help you get over the winter blues.

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Cape Split Hiking Trail

This trail is a local favourite, and once you hike it you'll know why. 16 km of breathtaking views of cliffs, the Bay of Fundy and an abundance of wildlife. The trail may be long but many say it's a piece of cake — a very scenic piece of cake. Eventually, you'll find yourself 70 feet above sea level, overlooking some of the best views Nova Scotia has to offer. Round up your friends and make a day of it, you won't regret it!

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Middle Head Trail

If you want a hike that will expose you to the ocean then look no further. Adventure through lush forests on your search for the breezy coastline. Take a break along the cliffs and enjoy the scenery. There has been seal, whale and sea bird sightings in this areas so bring your camera! One of the best parts of this hike is how many beautiful things you can see in under 2 hours. A quick and painless hike with excellent rewards.

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Franey Trail

Adjust your elevation by hiking this peak. Talk about taking your adventures to the next level, the peak reaches 1410 feet in height. From here you can capture a 360 view of Clyburn Brook canyon and the Atlantic coastline. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to experience what Franey trail has to offer. It's important to note that moose seem to love this area as well, so you'll probably make a few friends. Why not take a few hours out of your busy schedule and enjoy some fresh air.

New Brunswick

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Fundy Trail Parkway

This trail is on my bucket list for sure. It takes you straight to the Bay of Fundy through an amazing cave. Known as the ultimate Bay of Fundy eco-experience, you can't miss out on this trail next time you visit New Brunswick. While trotting along you'll find tons of lookouts, footpaths, sandy beaches and even a suspension bridge!

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Maliseet Trail

A short and sweet trail featuring something everyone loves — waterfalls. The duration of this trail is estimated to be an hour and a half, which makes it a total breeze. Dive into the thick of the forest and journey along paths that will bring you to the bottom of a waterfall. This is something everyone needs to experience!

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Mount Carleton Trail

Mount Carleton is New Brunswicks largest provincial park. If you plan on visiting the park then you can't leave without hiking Mount Carleton trail. Who would want to miss out on the beautiful view from the top, along with the slew of sights to be seen along the way? The peak reaches an elevation of 2,690 ft making it the highest in the Maritimes! Although this hike is moderately short, it can be challenging for some. Be sure to bring proper attire, lots of water and a few snacks.

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Dickson Falls Trail

A popular hiking trail for those who adore waterfalls. Dickson falls is the most photographed spot within Fundy National Park - you can see why. Not only do people love the waterfalls but the trail is just as magnificent. Witness the elegance this trail has to offer by taking in all the incredible valleys, streams and brooks. Also, watch out for the rugged landscape and always be prepared for what Mother Nature might throw at you.

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Sussex Bluff Trail

Enjoy a beautiful hike through this rocky, heavily forested trail. Along the trail you'll catch a glimpse of farmland, the valley and luscious forestry. This is the perfect trail for a long stroll to ease the mind. Being surrounded by trees and beautiful farmland is the ideal Sunday afternoon. No need to invest in hiking boots for this trial as it's very well maintained.

Prince Edward Island

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North Cape Hiking Trail

Prince Edward Island may be small but don't let size fool you. North Cape Hiking trail competes with the best of them! This easy hike is approximately 3.5 km long and worth every moment. Starting along the coastline of P.E.I at the North Cape Windmill Farm you'll venture into the woodlands and through the black marsh. The black marsh is full of plants and during the right season tiny flowers. Don't miss out on this wonderful hike on the shores of Prince Edward Island.

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Dromore Hiking Trail

Another beautiful hike in P.E.I is Dromore hiking trail. The entire trail consists of four sections that totals 14 kilometres of complete bliss. You may be lucky enough to see woodpeckers doing their thing and hear the rattling of several nearby brooks. The forest floor is a nursery for seedlings and home to a multitude of wildlife. Don't be afraid to immerse yourself in this hike and you'll come out a lot happier than when you went in.