18 Signs You Grew Up In A Small Town In NL

...You're from where?
18 Signs You Grew Up In A Small Town In NL

Growing up in rural Newfoundland had its perks. You always had someone to rely on — you were never lonely. You couldn't be bothered with the crammed atmosphere of St. John's. Around the bay you could do as you please and loved every minute of it.

You don't mind that nobody knows where your hometown is. You're still very proud of your upbringing anyway. If you grew up in a small community in Newfoundland then you can totally relate to some of these memories — if not all.

1. Weekend trips to Costco.

"Come on now we goesto the Costco's." The drive was long while jigs and reels seemed to play forever.

2. Not understanding high school rivalries.

The dilemma of having to ride the bus for 40 minutes to the nearest school.

3. Knowing everyone's business whether you want to or not.

You don't really care who missus down the road did what with who last night.

4. Mission impossible is going out to the grocery store and not seeing someone you know.

Not the place to be when you're feeling anti-social.

5. Having to repeat yourself a million times to townies.

"Yes bah, I said 'ow she gettin' awn?!"

6. Going home on the weekend when you finally move to town.

"Anyone going around the bay Friday?"

7. Working on the truck on the weekend.

Before the land of Netflix and Facebook arrived.

8. You'd give anything for nan's jigg's.

Nothing like a feed of salt beef and beets.

9. Your Christmas list was brought to you by the Sears catalog.

Dear Santa, I'd like everything on page 394.

10. Leaving all your doors unlocked.

This includes your car and truck doors as well.

11. Using water and Carnation milk for your cereal when there's not 2% left.

It was totally gross but seemed to be the best remedy?

12. Not getting away with anything as a youngster.

Everybody seen everything and everybody knew your parents.

13. Not having a car but using a 3-wheeler instead.

Whatever gets you up the road.

14. Who needs AT&T security when you have nan in the window?

Newfoundland's best securitysystem, eyes on the prize.

15. You have an excellent imagination.

With no mall in sight you had to create your own fun.

16. The hot spot hangout is Tim Hortons parking lot.

Nothing like sitting in your truck with a double double and a boston cream.

17. You started drinking WAY below the legal age.

In a shed, the woods, the cabin, wharfs — anywhere really.

18. Every party is a kitchen party.

No matter where you are, it always migrates to the kitchen.

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