It's not a secret that people in St. John's love a good meal  and who can blame them? With so many deadly restaurants in the city it's hard to pick just one favourite. Maybe you're a seafood lover, meat lover, plant lover or just a food lover, there is something out there for everyone. There's no shortage of spots to indulge in an amazing meal.

So grab your bib because your tastebuds are in for a real treat. We've rounded up the best restaurants in town. Classy or casual, Canadian or international, meat or veggie — we've got you covered. Be sure to include one of these fine restaurants on your bucket list for 2017 — if it's not already there.

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1. Blue On Water // 319 Water St.

A popular spot for many no matter what you desire. Blue On Water likes to switch up their menu daily, so there's always something new to try. Not only does their menu flourish but they also grow their own herbs! A local favourite is their eggs benny — you can imagine why.

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2. Mallard Cottage // 8 Barrows Rd.

Mallard Cottage is home to one of the oldest wooden buildings in North America. The rustic cottage atmosphere and a delicious meal is a night for the books. Located near Quidi Vidi Village this little gem is loved by many. Their menu changes daily so there is never a dull moment — even more of a reason to try them out!

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3. Chinched Bistro // 7 Queen's Rd.

A meat lovers dream — Chinched has been awarded Best Integration and Promotion of Local Agriculture by the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Forestry and Agriculture. Not only do they have an awesome menu but they are also highly socially responsible by participating in local charities and causes. Be sure to try their tasty Southern fried duck leg next time you drop by!

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4. Get Stuffed // 190 Duckworth St.

If you love mac n' cheese then you'll love Get Stuffed — they make one of the best around town! You won't disappointed when you try any of their menu items. A reasonable price for an excellent meal!

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5. Reluctant Chef // 290 Duckworth St.

A menu surprise every day, don't miss out on one of their tantalizing meals. A popular spot hands down and with good reason. In recent years The Reluctant Chef has won many awards, including a certificate of excellence presented by Trip Advisor. Be sure to schedule this place in your busy day!

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6. International Flavours // 4 Quidi Vidi Rd.

They may only serve a few menu items but those dishes are perfected. Savour every bit of their authentic home made Pakistani cuisine. Their dish includes basmati rice, spiced lentils and stir-fry vegetables, all of which can be served with or without meat. If you love international food then you will absolutely love this spot — oh and don't forget the naan bread!

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7. St. John's Fish Exchange Kitchen & Wet Bar // 351 Water St.

The name says it all! A fairly new restaurant to break into the downtown scene. Be sure to dress your best and spoil yourself with a live lobster. If you love seafood then you won't regret trying this spot. Fun fact: St. John's Fish Exchange was established to remember those who based their livelihood on the fishery.

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8. The Fifth Ticket // 171 Water St.

Piano keys and appetizing food, what more could you ask for? The Fifth Ticket is St. John's only piano bar. Enjoy a delicious dinner while listening to some keys. They have a full menu from seafood, lamb, duck, pasta and salads with the option of doing a 5 course meal. Be sure to try out their piano bar and chef's table.

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9. Sushi Island // 210 Water St.

Come one, come all sushi lovers! You have got to try Sushi Island, with great staff and fresh sushi it's a no brainer. They offer all you can eat, or order from a menu. Always a winning experience.

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10. Pi Gourmet // 10 King's Rd.

Pi Gourmet knows how to do pizza right. A fancy pizza place located in the heart of downtown. Their menu has every pizza imaginable with the option to make your own. If you're a pizza snob then this is the place for you!

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11. Zapata's // 10 Bates Hill

In the mood for a Mexican fiesta? Then be sure to hit up Zapata's. They offer all the traditional dishes from enchiladas, nachos and of course chimichangas. This place is sure to satisfy your Mexican craving.

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12. The Gypsy Tea Room // 315 Water St.

Located near Murray Premises, The Gypsy Tea Room focuses on fresh seafood and prime cuts of meat. This is the place for wine lovers as they offer a wide range of international wines. Be sure to try their NL dressed crusted cod topped with mustard pickle vinaigrette.

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13. J Korean // 194 Duckworth St.

Another international favourite, J Korean is the one and only authentic Korean restaurant. Known for their Bulgogi Jeongsik, this restaurant will leave you dreaming of their menu. This restaurant is a must for food lovers of any nature.

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14. The Merchant Tavern // 291 Water St.

Fine dining at its best, The Merchant Tavern is home to many delectable meals. Choose from Newfoundland Lamb Curry, Beetroot Salad or various other fulfilling meals. You won't be unsatisfied with any of the menu options. The Merchant Tavern is part of the Raymonds restaurant group.

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15. The Adelaide Oyster House // 334 Water St.

The name speaks for itself, if you're looking for fresh oysters then look no further. They also have some of the best siumai in town. Not only does Adelaide have excellent ratings on their food but their service is superb as well. You won't want miss out on this hot spot!

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16. RJ Pinyo Yum // 38 Ropewalk Lane

The only Filipino restaurant in town and we are so glad it's here. Stop by and order up a steam bun and their traditional dish of adobo next time you're looking for some delicious comfort food!

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17. Ches's Fish and Chips // 9 Freshwater Rd.

You can't visit Newfoundland without trying Ches's at least once. A staple in the city and around the island, people dies for a feed of fee and chee from Ches's. They have various locations throughout the city to meet the demand. Oh, and go all out and make your fries a poutine with dressing — it's the only way to go.

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18. Raymonds // 95 Water St.

Multiple award winning restaurant Raymonds has won a spot on the World's Best 50 Restaurants and Canada's Best New Restaurant. Raymonds provides an ideal experience of a 5 course meal with wine pairing. Their menu changes on a regular basis but still maintains fresh seafood, prime cuts and vegetables. Find out what all the rave is about and drop by!