It's no secret Newfoundlanders are proud of where they came from. The by's from St. John's won't waste a hot second to tell you all about their upbringing. They will boast about the clean air and how friendly everyone is. They will more than likely offer you a place at the table for a feed of jiggs dinner.

St. John's is close knit and everybody seems to know everybody. So round up the by's and have a look to see how many apply to you.

1. You give directions in minutes not kms.

2. You don't need to go to the liquor store to buy booze.

3. Salmonier Nature park was the highlight of your childhood.

4. Moo Moo's still has the best ice cream in St. John's.

5. You refer to Costco as the Price Club.

6. You stock up on Black Horse and Ice Berg beer before a blizzard.

7. You've eaten fried dough for breakfast and loved every minute of it.

8. Jiggs dinner isn't complete without salt meat, mustard pickles and beats.

9. You still think driving downtown is a nightmare.

10. You've been to one too many kitchen parties.

11. You laugh when you see rough road signs on the mainland because — potholes.

12. You've had one too many meals at Ches's Fish and Chips.

13. Anything can be solved with a "cuppa tea."

14. A moose on the loose is a regular occurrence.

15. You've called someone "missus" or "honey" or "my lover" at least once.

16. You pack a jacket every day because ya never know.

17. You know someone, who knows someone, you know.

18. You dies for a weekend at the cabin.

19. You've spent your entire pay cheque on George Street — Ziggy's was included.

20. You've hosted a cabin party.

21. You introduce yourself as a Newfoundlander before Canadian.

22. You've done something "skeety" at least once in your life.

23. You've had an entire conversation with a strange about the weather.

24. Two words — vienna sausages.

25. You'll always find an excuse to come home and visit.