If you're one of those who moved off the island there are things you will definitely miss. Some places just can't compare to the lovely charm and uniqueness of this province. Whether it's the food that you crave or the adventures you dream of, there will always be a little piece of your heart dedicated to Newfoundland.

If you've spent some time on the rock you've danced your ass off, hiked along the coastline and had the best fish and chips life can offer. Along with those obvious activities you more than likely miss some of these as well.

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Going for a day hike on the East Coast Trail.

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Camping in Terra Nova National Park.

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Going to Mardi Gras on George Street.

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Exploring great heights at Gros Morne National Park.

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The view from the ocean pretty much anywhere.

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Celebrating Blueberry Festival in Brigus.

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Listening to live bands at O'Reilly's.

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Going out with the by's at Ches's Fish and Chips.

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Purity cookies and pineapple crush.

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Driving up to Signal hill and taking in the view of St. John's.

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Exploring small outport communities.

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Partying with your friends at George Street Fest.

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Relaxing at Middle Cove beach.

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Sun bathing at Northern Bay Sands.

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Conversing with friends at The Duke.

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Going skiing and snowboarding at Marble Mountain.

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Going to the Regatta and watching the races.

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Feasting on Ziggy Peel Good's.

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Watching people getting screeched in at Christian's and being thankful you're already a Newfoundlander.

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Grabbing a cup of coffee at Jumping Bean and go exploring.

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Going out for a morning walk in Bowring Park.

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Skating at the Loop in Bannerman Park.

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Having a time at Marine Park.

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Going for a Sunday drive to Cape Spear.

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Go whale watching and see ice bergs in Bonavista.

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Missing the cold crips taste of Ice Berg beer.

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Seeing amazing shows at the Arts and Culture.

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Explore the Earth's mantel at the Tablelands.

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Big Mary Monday's at Mary Browns.