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30 Things That Will Definitely Happen To You When Moving To St. John's

Every city has a special element that makes it unique. Of course St. John’s is no different! Most people will say St. John’s is VERY unique in a number of different ways! We run our sentences together like we’re always in a hurry! We’re the most friendly people you’ll ever meet! Our downtown is one of the most colourful cities in the world! And don’t forget the food, Newfoundlanders love their salty foods!

So if you’re planning on visiting St. John’s or moving here for good, here’s a heads up on what you can expect!

1. You’ll hear slang like skeet and eventually start using it yourself

Of course after a while you'll wonder if you are one.

2. You’ll hit George Street and wonder how so many bars can fit on one street

O’Reilly’s, Lottie’s, Rob Roy’s, Christian's Bar, Fat Cat Blues and the list goes on

3. Or soak up the sun and hike the East Coast Trail

One breath of fresh air at a time.

4. Get Screeched In at Christian's Bar

Depending on your limit, you might be screehin’.

5. Get a feed of fish and chips at Ches’s

Feel large and in charge afterwards – no regrets

6. Or Ziggy’s Peelgood’s

Usually after a few wobbly pops on Geroge Street

7. Head down to Pier 6 on Harbour drive and hit up Iceberg Quest Boat Tours

Whales, puffins, seals, oh my!

8. Talk to the locals on the streets of Duckworth

“Where ya from me ducky? Oh yes now, do you know Bill from up the Shore?”

9. Realize half the local news coverage on NTV is about moose on the loose

Keep your eyes peeled!

10. Learn how to dress for famous Newfoundland weather!

Start the day with jeans, t-shirt, sweater and maybe rain jacket, boots, umbrella just in case

11. Discover a whole new meaning to the song “Let It Snow”

“Oh the weather outside is frightful…”

12. Get used to everyone calling you "love" "ducky" and/or "my lover"

Note: this does not mean that everyone has a crush on you.

13. Get goose bumps on the Haunted Hike through the old streets of downtown

Prime first date activity!

14. Refer to your friends as “da by’s”

And everyone else in Canada as “mainlanders”

15. Go on an art crawl and visit Eastern Edge Gallery, Leyton Gallery and Christina Parker Gallery

Support your local artists!

16. Wonder why St. John’s still has meteorologists

They areALWAYS wrong.

17. Go to a house party and end up in the kitchen

They don’t call it a kitchen party for no reason!

18. Take a Sunday drive to Cape Spear

The most easterly point in North America to calm your bones.

19. Realize the Costco parking lot is like a game of Sorry!

“This is my spot, SORRY, NOT SORRY!”

20. Test your muscles and go to Jack Axes

Learn how to throw an axe and hit a bullseye.

21. The pros and cons of being able to buy beer at any convenience store!

Pro: late Friday night beer run. Con: late Monday night beer run.

22. You’ll grab a coffee at Jumping Bean and head up to Signal Hill to see the view

Day or night the view is spectacular.

23. Dress to impress for a fine dining experience at Raymonds

One of the best restaurants in STJS.

24. You’ll ask for directions and be given a direction in time!

“Where is the nearest gas station? Oh, just 5 minutes up the road!”

25. Inevitably spend at least one meal at Yellowbelly ordering a cold one and some delicious pub grub

Nachos, a cold one and a good time – what more could you ask for?

26. You’ll head to Big Bite Pizza to cure even your worst hangover

One medium pizza and garlic fingers please!

27. Spot Alan Doyle from Great Big Sea out for a stroll

He’s a pretty friendly guy!

28. You’ll try your hand at pottery at the Craft Council

Create a few masterpieces.

29. You’ll go camping in Gros Morne National Park and never forget it

See where glaciers carved their way through Western Brook Pond.

30. You’ll make life-long friends, since Newfoundlanders have warm hands AND warm hearts

…And the gift of gab.

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