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6 Amazing Swimming Holes In St. John's That Are The Perfect Summer Hangout Spot

Summer weather FINALLY showed up in Newfoundland and it's hot AF. So obviously, everyone is heading to the water to cool off and parks and beaches fill up fast. If you're looking to avoid the crowds, check out one of these amazing swim spots in the St. Johns area. 

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Get your swimming trunks and your flippy-floppys. Things are heating up and these are some of our favourite places to cool down. 

The Tide // Harbour Main

Swimming with a view? Harbour Main has you covered. Located on the main road, you won't miss it if you're passing through. A small body of fresh water sits next to the ocean, and it's quite the spot to cool down on a hot day. 

Whiteaway Pond // Torbay 

Take a drive out of the city away from the crowds. If you're visiting Torbay this summer add Whiteaway Pond to your list of things to do and ponds to dive into.

Flat Rock Swimming Hole // Flat Rock

Let's go chasing waterfalls, all the ways to Flat Rock. Take a brisk 10 minute hike past the church in Flat Rock until you come across this little swimming hole accompanied by a breathtaking waterfall. We're all in!

Three Island Pond //  Paradise 

Bring your four-legged pals, and go for a dip in Paradise this summer. 

La Manche Park // Tors Cove 

Totally worth the 30-minute drive from the city. Check out those views. Pack your sunblock and a lunch, you'll wanna spend the entire day! 

Punchbowl // Shea Heights 

While swimming in your dress might not be the best idea, taking a trip to the Punchbowl in Shea Heights is!

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