Mix things up a little — including your drinks at one of these awesome spots. Say goodbye to dark bars and questionable pubs and get your drink on in a new way. No cover or coat check involved. Nobody begging you for a dance and no more mysterious ass grabs! Just you and your mates going out for a laugh.

So where exactly are these dreamlands located? They are a lot closer than you may think! We've rounded up a few gems that you will love and need to try!

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1. Rocket Bakery // 272 Water St.

A place where you can get pastries, sandwiches and a cold one. Drop down with a few friends and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere while having a few drinks. They also serve soups and various other delicious menu items.

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2. Jack Axes // 152 Water St.

A popular spot for many who want to have a good time. What's throwing axes without a few wobbly pops? The by's at Jack Axes know what's up. Grab a few of your closest friends and start pitching a few axes! Brings a whole new meaning to double fisting.

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3. Element Coffee Bar and Lounge // 516 Topsail Rd.

This awesome coffee house knows your true fix for coffee. They have a variety of specialty java mixes to perk up your day. Why use regular cream when you can use Bailey's? Element Coffee Bar has a large seating area for you and your crew. Don't miss out on this little treasure.

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4. Celtic Hearth // 298 Water St.

Known for their 2AM feed of nachos. A hot spot for many who wander the streets of George. All that aside Celtic Hearth is an awesome spot to share a few laughs with a few of the guys. With plenty of booths to choose from you won't be let down!

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5. Dooly's // 354 Water St.

Shoot some pool and enjoy a few drinks at Dooly's. The prime location for you to get your ass whooped in pool and wake up with an awesome hangover. But, you had so much fun and would do it again — like you do every other weekend.

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6. The Party Bus // 124 Groves Rd.

The best way to dance your ass off with just your friends. BOYB and bring your wild side. The party bus is an excellent way to make a fool of yourself and have fun doing it. Did I mention they have poles? Shake that thing and whip your hair back and forth. In the party bus you're the DJ and the bartender.