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7 Breathtaking Islands Near Newfoundland You Must Visit At Least Once

Be sure you make time to explore Newfoundland and all its hidden gems. You might’ve lived in Newfoundland your entire life, or perhaps you plan to visit. But Newfoundland has MANY Islands off the big Island just waiting for you to come and explore.

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We’re all bound to catch a travel bug sooner or later, so why not do some wandering at home? Newfoundland, after all, is a big rock in the middle of the ocean. Let’s discover it. Here are some BREATHTAKING islands that you have to see closeby.

Fogo Island 

Beautiful Fogo Island, located on the northeast coast of Newfoundland, is situated along the famous Iceberg Alley. The island's subarctic landscape creates a special environment for all sorts of interesting wildlife, including caribou, foxes, beavers and wildflowers. The Fogo Island Inn attracts a lot of attention. Check out that stunning and unique architecture. 

Bell Island 

This spot makes for the perfect little day trip! A wonderful destination for the tourist at home inside all of us. Don't forget to pop by Dick's Fish and Chips on your way home, because what would an excursion to Bell Island be without? 

Saint Pierre et Miquelon 

Where France and North America meet. This little piece of Europe sits mere kilometres off the South Coast of Newfoundland. You better have your passport, because you’ll need it to cross the border to Saint Pierre et Miquelon.

Quirpon Island

Off the North Eastern tip of Newfoundland sits Quirpon Island. It's a small, picturesque community that you need to visit this summer. You can even stay at their well known Light House Inn. Add this one to your bucket list. 


Quaintly nestled in Notre Dame Bay, Twillingate Island is like no other. Also referred to as the Iceberg Capital of the World, this place is a dream come true for any adventure seeker. You have to see it to believe it.

Dildo Island

If snapping a photo with the road sign isn't enough, you can visit Dildo Island this summer for the natural beauty as well. The Island is not currently inhabited but it has some sights that you will want to see. The Island name has attracted worldwide attention, and it's all yours to discover. 

Change Islands

An artist's, tourists', and photographer's paradise. This place looks like it came straight out of a tourism ad. You need to visit Change Islands at least once in your life to fully experience the culture that exists within. Make time to visit this place over your summer vacation.

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