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7 Spots You Must Hit Along The East Coast Trail This Summer

Breathe in the beauty.
7 Spots You Must Hit Along The East Coast Trail This Summer

This summer get ready to hike your cheeme off! With a boat load of treks along the East Coast Trail to pick from you'll be tuckered out by the end of the summer. Every path has its own unique features. From whale sightings, beautiful waterfalls, amazing landscapes and more. You can't miss out on any of these trails, so make it a point to conquer them all!

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Round up a few of your outdoorsy friends and get stepping. You'll impress your fitness tracker with any of these spectacular trails. But what if you can't do them all? Don't sweat it! We've listed the best ones you need to hike at least once!

Biscan Cove Path // Cape St. Francis to Pouch Cove

7.3 kilometres of pure bliss. This hike will take you several hours but worth every minute of it. Along the way this trail showcases beautiful geology, coastlines, rugged terrain, waterfalls and a lighthouse. This trail is rated with moderate difficulty so make sure you're prepared. If you're looking for a day hike then look no further.

Cape Broyle Head Path // Cape Broyle to Calvert

Enjoy the beauty of what this trail has to offer. Take a break on the beach, explore caves, frolic in meadows and discover sea arches and sea stacks. All of this in one hike! But you're gonna have to work for it. Nothing worth having come easy. This hike will cost you 6-10 hours of your life — 18.3 km to be exact!

Cobbler Path // Red Cliff to Outer Cove

Lift those legs for about 4 hours and you will have hiked 8.2 km. Of course the journey is just as enjoyable. Cobbler Path got it's name by the rock formation that looks like five fingers at Shooting Cove. Another highlight of Cobbler Path is the remnants of Pinetree Line Radar Station on Red Cliff. Where many graffiti artists practice.

Father Troy's Trail // Flatrock to Torbay

The perfect short and sweet hike. Only a few hours long — 8.7km but just long enough to see some awesome sights. Hit up the beach, marvel at the massive cliffs, waterfalls. Take a break at a wharf along the way not that you'll need it for this hike. It's rated pretty easy which is what you need sometimes after a long week.

Flamber Head Path // La Manche Village to Brigus South

Check out Mother Nature's work when you hike Flamber Head Path. Another long hike but the beauty you'll see along the way makes up for the sore legs you'll have. 14.6 km which estimates to be 6-9 hours depending on how fast you book it. Bring along your camera and capture the beauty of sea stacks, quarry, cliffs, meadows and amazing waterfalls.

LaManche Village Path // Tors Cove to La Manche Village

One of the most well known is LaManche Village Path. You can probably guess why! This easy hike leads you into the heart of the old village. Walk across the huge suspension bridge and check out the abandoned surroundings. Go for a swim or simply sunbathe. This trail has an ecological reserve among other amazing sights to see.

Mickeleens Path // Bay Bulls to Witless Bay

Mickeleens Path will only take you a few hours. Long enough to take in the wonders of nature but short enough so you can be back to your busy schedule. Then again, this trail will make you wish there was more. Who wouldn't want to see sea stacks, towering cliffs, birds nesting in their natural habitat and knolls. See all of this and more when you hike Mickeleens Path.

Motion Path // Petty Harbour to Shoal Bay Road

Witness the mysteriousness of an abandoned settlement when you hike this trail. Along your adventure, you'll notice colossal boulders, ponds, sea ledges, wetland as well as woodlands. You can experience all of this within 7-9 hours! A bit of a jaunt but when you see all of this it's totally worth it.

Silver Mine Head Path // Torbay to Middle Cove

Hike this gorgeous trail and end up resting on Middle Cove beach. With tons to see along the way you'll do this one multiple times throughout your time in Newfoundland. The developed trail makes it easy peasy to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Relish in the coastline and tuckamore this trails will bring you.

Spout Path // Shoal Bay Road to Bay Bulls

This is one of my favourite hikes hands down and who can blame me? Who wouldn't want to see a natural geyser? It's large, in charge and it's absolutely stunning every time. Not only that but you'll witness some other natural wonders like caves, gullies, and sea arches. This trail has it all but it does require you to camp overnight to enjoy the whole thing.

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