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8 Beautiful Beaches In Newfoundland That You Must Explore This Summer

Life is a beach and I'm just playing in the sand
8 Beautiful Beaches In Newfoundland That You Must Explore This Summer

Summer in Newfoundland is long awaited after this past winter, but it's almost time to get your bathing suits ready. Summertime here is as unique as the island, itself. The weather can change really fast so gather your best beaches and head for the sand. 

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We're just a big rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Of course we have some AMAZING beaches. Not all of these beaches are meant for swimming, but they're definitely worth the trip to sit out and relax anyway. If you're seeking to sea more, this list is for you. 

Lumsden Beach // Lumsden 

Wait, are we in the Carribean?  This beach could have us fooled.  The ocean might not be not as warm, but the blue water and beautiful sand can surely make up for it. 

Middle Cove Beach // Middle Cove

PHOTO OPS, GALORE. Okay, so you might not want to swim here, but it's 10 minutes from St. John's and it's the perfect place to get away and relax. Very Instagram-worthy.  See it for yourself. 

Sandy Cove Beach // East Port

Planning a weekend baycationConsider a little getaway to East Port. The beaches will not disappoint. East Port is home to some beautiful beaches that are yours to discover. 

Northern Bay Sands // Northern Bay

Your GO-TO sunny day trip. About 90 mins outside of St. John's, Northern Bay Sands is the perfect day trip! You can enjoy your day where fresh water meets the ocean. You'll be a week getting the sand out of your hair. So worth it. 

Deer Lake Beach // Deer Lake 

Time for vitamin sea. You can't go wrong with a visit to Deer Lake Beach, located on the West Coast of the island it is a must if you're visiting the area. 

Topsail Beach // Topsail

Good times and tan lines. 15 minutes from St. John's get your beach chairs ready. This spot is a popular one on a sunny day on the Avalon. Bring your pets and enjoy the sun and good views. 

 Musgrave Harbour Beach // Musgrave Harbour

Water you doing this Summer? Whatever it is, make sure you add Musgrave Harbour Beach to your bucket list. Get ready for sand between your toes and freckles on your nose. This beach is BEAUTIFUL.

Bottle Cove Beach // Bottle Cove

Resting Beach Face. Yet another West Coast beauty. Escape it all and get away to this relaxing beach this summer. Give your mind a vacation with this ocean medication.

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