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8 Houses For Under $150K That'll Make You Desperate To Move To Newfoundland

Houses in St. John's are actually super affordable.
8 Cheap St. John's Houses You Can Buy For Less Than $150K Right Now

If you've dreamed of owning a house in Canada you have probably accepted the fact that if you want any hope of buying a home, you'll have to look outside of the city. But not all cities have such a grim housing market. What if we told you that one city, in particular, a capital city at that, actually has really affordable houses? To prove it we compiled a bunch of cheap houses in St. John's that could be yours for less than $150K. 

Of course, in most capital cities you could find some ok listings for around $200,000 but way out in St. John's, Canada's easternmost capital city, not only are there a number of listing way below this price point, but there are so many that you can actually afford to be picky about it. 

A quick search of available listings in St. John's will show you multiple properties that are up for grabs for as little as $50,000 but they're not in the best shape. If you love a DIY project and want to channel your inner Jonathan Scott then by all means put in an offer on those super cheap houses. 

However, if you're only looking to do a quick cosmetic fix or buy a move-in ready home then look no further than these St. John's properties for under $150K.

[rebelmouse-image 25948398 photo_credit="RE/MAX" expand=1 original_size="1024x778"]

[rebelmouse-image 25948399 photo_credit="RE/MAX" expand=1 original_size="1019x778"]

46 Salisbury Street

List Price: $149,500

For a fully detached home this price is pretty impressive. And it's close to the university so it could have some serious rental income potential too if you don't intend to move to St. John's.

[image 5d8bde3b46d1c54c338c863e]

53 Calver Avenue

List Price: $149,000

In some cities, you'd be lucky to find a house with a driveway, let alone one for this price. While the outside is great the inside also features nice, bright rooms and an eat-in kitchen.

[image 5d8ccfc67b6b54306deb42aa]

12 Druken Cresent

List Price: $139,900

Not only is this house adorable and pink but the inside looks like it's right out of a magazine. The neutral grey walls are super modern and the floors are gorgeous. There are no appliances in the kitchen but for this price, you can probably afford to buy your own.

[image 5d8cd078c61244305df65190]

20 Rankin Street

List Price: $139,900

Another detached property for a low price, this one has some unique charm. Unless you love the colour green, you'll definitely want to take the money you saved on the house to invest in some good paint.

[image 5d8cd25d7b6b54306deb4346]

5 McFarlane Street

List Price: $139,900

This property is the perfect example of a typical St. John's townhouse, and the bright blue exterior channels the "Jellybean" house vibe a lot. The interior may need some cosmetic updates, but you'll definitely have some room in your budget for those.

[image 5d8cd4d999fd863021e1436b]

17 Freshwater Road

List Price: $122,900

Yet another example of St. John's uniquely colours houses, this property is just as charming inside as it is out. It's definitely not your cookie-cutter suburban home and definitely not your typical suburban price.

[image 5d8ce07099fd863021e145bc]

39 Spencer Street

List Price: $109,000

St. John's houses come in a whole rainbow of colours. Aside from the vibrant exterior, this house is move-in ready with a nice kitchen and beautiful flooring throughout.

[image 5d8ce18e99fd863021e1460b]

29 Meadowbrook Park Drive

List Price: $69,900

Last but certainly not least, this house is listed well below that $150K. In fact, it's even under $100K. At just $69,900 you may expect this house to be falling apart but it's gorgeous turquoise exterior and super cute but still modern interior suggest otherwise. It's not clear why this house is so affordable but for that price, it's definitely worth looking into!

So if the mainland city house hunt is getting you down you might want to consider heading to the Rock. Not only will you get more bang for your buck but you'll pick up some pretty great slang words living there too. You'll loves it!

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