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The 8 Types Of Guys You'll Definitely Meet At St. John's Bars

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The 8 Types Of Guys You'll Definitely Meet At St. John's Bars

It's finally the weekend — or for some Monday night. You plan on hitting the club with a few of your girlfriends. You're feeling pretty good about yourself! You've had a few drinks, put your face on and slipped into that gorgeous dress you bought earlier. You're all set to dance the night away! When you finally get your groove on and it happens. Some dude is all up on your grill. You either roll with it or roll out.

So depending on what you're into to, you may have already met some of these fine fellows — whether you wanted to or not! So if you didn't already know, we've comprised a list of your potential prospects when hitting DT!

1. Bros from different area codes

You know what I mean ladies, the silver tongued, sweet talkin', perfect olive skined guys from all over the world. Often international students who go to MUN. They know how to party and how to impress the chica's.

Hobbies: Bro brunches, photography and drinking imported beer.

Location: Breezeway

Looking for: A woman that has an attitude.

2. Deadbeat Skeets

Easily identifiable by their most used pick up line. "Missssus, nice bum where ya from?" Their attire consists of jeans where you can't tell where their ass start and back ends. They will probably ask "Can ya save me a draw?"

Hobbies: Making a racket, smoking draws and driving around in their "sooped" Sunfire.

Location: Turkey Joe's

Looking for: A missus.

Photo cred - @weheartit

3. Offshore Boys

The guys who make the bux delux and squander it on F450 trucks and pints of Keith's. Only around for a few weeks but enough to time to get "jiggy with it." At least you won't have to worry about buying drinks?

Hobbies: Darts, pool, and fishing.

Location: Sundance

Looking for: A good time.

4. Heartbreakers

It's love at first sight! They are gorgeous, so kind hearted with amazing personalities. They smell like fresh dryer sheets mixed with Burberry. They dress like a prince and are SO well groomed. You're head over heals, until you meet their boyfriend, who you also fall in love with.

Hobbies: Going to movies, shopping, wining and dining.

Location: The Factory

Looking for: Someone pretty but not a woman. Sorry ladies.

5. Baymens

Usually sporting jeans, a hoodie and a fox baseball hat. With a Black Horse in one hand and the other in his pocket. Points of interest would be their Honda Civic and what work they've done with it. Yes, this includes the spoiler and tinted windows.

Hobbies: Trikes and bikes, the quad and working on their Honda on the weekend.

Location: Shamrock

Looking for: A woman like his mother.

6. Dirty Birdies

The more "experienced" men who lounge around pubs indulging in their rum and coke. Usually sit alone at the bar and nod their head at women. Harmless yet somehow still creepy.

Hobbies: Drinking, darts, pool and poker.

Location: Rose and Thistle

Looking for: Anything but their wives.

7. Man Babies

Hard to recognize at first, they disguise themselves as very approachable. However, once they find out they aren't hitting a home run they throw a fit. Whining about buying you all those drinks for nothing. That's your cue to hit the road! Beware of Man Babies!

Hobbies: Throwing a fit, drinking and attending every social gather possible.

Location: Rob Roy's

Looking for: Someone who will put up with their sh*t.

8. Average Joe's

Harmless, overly nice and particularly good at friend zoning themselves. Will want to give you their number but won't. They are confusing! They come from all walks of life, some are short, tall, lumber jacks, clean cut the options are endless.

Hobbies: Hiking, watching movies and swiping right on Tinder.

Location: Christians Pub

Looking for: The perfect woman.

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