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8 Unreal Canadian Tattoo Artists You Need To Get Inked By

No doubt there is a LOT of talent in Newfoundland, especially when it comes to the arts.  Specifically tattoo artists. Tattoos are a beautiful form of art that generally carry a lot of meaning so you wanna be sure you choose the right person so that you can love your body art. 

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Many artists are publicly known for their specialty, so check out this list below of some of the most amazing artists in Newfoundland before you book your first, or next, appointment to be inked. 

Lady Lo's Custom Tattoo // St. John's 

Travis Jones // Skin City, St. John's 

Mike LeDrew // Trouble Bound, St. John's

Jess Kearley //  Skin City, St. John's 

Mike Kearney // Gander

Ryan Coombs // White Scorpion, Carbonear

Lawrence Feltham // Amplified Images, Grand Falls

Vicki Stapleton // Tattoo Society, St. John's 

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