That moment when you realize you've done almost every activity in the city. Over the course of a few years you and your partner sat through your fair share of "good" movies, ate at every restaurant imaginable and hiked every inch of the East Coast Trail. It seems as if you have done it all — the only thing left is to watch Netflix and wait for new episodes of Grace and Frankie, right? Wrong!

There is still tons of fun to be had! You don't need to watch boring chick flicks or eat the same plate of food every weekend. Why not spice up your lives by doing some of these super fun activities? Going out and making memories is way better than a $50 meal any day.

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Shoot some targets at Complete Gun Repairs

This place has some serious game. Forget about the movies and enjoy showing off your mad skills. It's time to show your inner 007. Packages vary from all sizes but to get the best bang for your buck you need to try the beginners package. It includes a variety of revolvers and semi-automatic with 4 targets. It all comes down to $74.95 plus tax, not a bad deal for a load of fun!

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Hit some balls at Pippy Park driving range

Channel your energy into driving some balls! Challenge your boo on the driving range with a bucket of golf balls. Located on Ridge Road, Pippy Park Driving Range will want you coming back for more. Prices for a medium bucket is $8 and large buckets are available for $10. If you need a driver they are also available to rent for only $2.

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Go on a whale tour with Iceberg Quest

Put on your raincoats and rubber boots, you're going on an adventure! The best way to get off the island and onto the water to see some whales, puffins and maybe a few icebergs. The prices are just as appealing. For the harbour front location it's $65 per person — not bad for 2 hours of fun for the both of you!

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Go scuba diving with Ocean Quest Adventures

For those thrill seeking couples you need to try this! Located just outside of St. John's but are totally worth the shoutout. They offer scuba diving, kayaking, and snorkelling with humpbacks! It doesn't get much better than that. Prices vary and depend on customer demand, so round up a few couples and head on over!

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View some contemporary art at Eastern Edge Gallery

For those who appreciate other things in life, Eastern Edge Gallery is a spot worth checking out. The only artist based gallery in St. John's and offer different exhibitions year around. Located on Harbour Drive so it's hard to miss!

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Ride some zip lines at North Atlantic Ziplines

Hear your partner scream with enthusiasm and excitement while zip lining! Located just out of St. John's in Petty Harbour it's the closest thing you'll get to satisfy your altitude craving. Prices range for everyone, student and youth are $95 and adults are $130. Get the view from the top with your sugar while zipping through the air.

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Race your bae at GForce Karting

The best thing to hit Torbay. Get on the track and feel the need for speed! Group rates are available but if you're in the mood for a romantic drive they offer dropin's for $20 for 10 minutes. These karts go up to a speed of 65 km/h so get ready for the best 20 minutes of your life!

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Go swing dancing with Lindy Hop On The Rock

Bring her to a place she is going to love and lets admit it — you'll secretly love just as much. What better way to spend the afternoon then dancing with your honey. Lindy Hop On The Rock offers classes for you and your mate for all levels of experience. The beginner package runs 6 weeks and it's only for $40! Or if you're not too sure you want to invest in some dancing shoes there's always the option of swinging by. They offer social classes every Tuesday at 9:30pm for $3, what do you guys have to lose?

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Take a cooking class at Sobey's with The Chef Group

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise depending on who your'e dating. You've tried to teach them a thing or two in the kitchen but it's just not working. So why not try a cooking class on for size? Join some classes with The Chef Group at Sobey's. They offer two options of general cooking and healthy cooking. For more information on dates, times and pricing visit their website!