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9 St. John's Things You And Your Friends Should Treat Yourselves To For Under $50 This Winter

You should always make time to treat yourself! Maybe it's a cream cheese danish from Manna Bakery or some new dresses from Model Citizen. Everyone has their little way of treating themselves.  Some like lots of little indulgences while others go big or go home.

If you have that "all or nothing" attitude this winter then why not try some of these — or maybe all of them! After all you owe it to yourself after the mess that was 2016.

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1. Beer tasting at Quidi Vidi Brewery

Treat you and your friends to beer tasting and a tour of the brewery! It's only $10 each to taste some of the best beer in Newfoundland! They have a wide selection of pale ales, lagers and their famous Iceberg Beer. Beer tasting starts on the hour and runs for about 45 minutes. For more information on visiting Quidi Vidi Brewery visit their website.

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2. Fine dining at Blue On Water

Forget fast food for a while and treat yourself to a delicious meal from Blue On Water. They have options for everyones taste. From brome lake duck breast to vegetable ragout. Most entrees on their menu are under $50! Indulge in an incredible meal and a glass of wine.

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3. Practice your inner lumber jack at Jack Axes

Round up a few of the bys and head down to Jack Axes! Why go to the gym when you can have a laugh throwing a few axes. Book online for an amazing time for less than $20 individually or get a group rate for $30! Hitting targets has never been so fun!

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4. Escape BreakOut NL

How quick can you find your way out? Get your adrenaline rush by trying to break out of a room in less than 45 minutes. Do have what it takes? A hilarious time you won't want to miss out on! Walk-ins are welcome! Prices are $22 per person for one room. Be sure to bring your game face!

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5. Unwind during a relaxing aromatherapy massage

Craving some alone time, or just work beating you to a pulp? Loosen up those tense muscles at Soothe Downtown Spa. They offer various massages but one of the best is the aromatherapy massage! It lasts for 30 minutes and focuses mainly on the back, neck, shoulders and scalp! This massage will only cost you $45! What a delight for your body and wallet!

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6. Hot yoga at Moksha Yoga

Stretch out those limbs and calm your mind. With the craziness of daily activities maybe 2017 is time to slow down. Drop in classes are only $18! They also offer an intro month for $40! That works outs to be only $1.33 a day! Start 2017 the right way, you won't regret it!

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7. Rock climbing at Wallnuts

Sick of going to the movies? You want to try something different but not sure what to do? Why not try rock climbing at Wallnuts! Drop in passes are only $16.50! So grab a buddy and try it out! Who knows you may fall in love — most people do!

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8. Get outta town and rent a cottage

Everyone loves a weekend getaway! Fortunately you don't have to go very far! Hop in the truck and head out to Salty Sea Cottages, near Northern Bay Sands! Only an hour outside St. John's but a perfect spot to have a few laughs and get peace of mind all at once. One of the best packages they offer this season is a outport Christmas package! It includes a bottle of local wine, a tray of holiday sweets and a Purity product gift basket! Packages start at $65! Split the cost with your love or with a few mates!

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9. Treat yourself to a desert at Manna Bakery

Cream cheese danishes, chocolate croissants, delectable chocolates. Oh the love/hate relationship with carbs. Gets the best of us but all in good measure! How could you say no to a huge cream cheese blueberry danish?

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