Finals are long, stressful and at times frustrating. Especially when it's a course you've been dragging yourself to all semester. You've finally completed all your assignments, made it through group work without screaming and whizzed past your midterms. Now the moment everyone is waiting for — finals. The time of the semester that's both liberating and nerve racking.

That's why it's so crucial to find a little study nest that's cozy but not too cozy. Somewhere that you won't be distracted by crazy roommates, or an influx of annoying humans. The perfect little spot to help you along the long process of studying or as some like to say cramming. We've listed nine spots to help you find that perfectly productive study space.

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The Rooms Cafe // 9 Bonaventure Ave.

Studying with a view of beautiful downtown. What more can you ask for? They also sell espresso along with other tasty treats to keep you going. After you've crammed your brain with a boat load of information have a look around The Rooms to settle your mind.

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Jumping Bean Coffee // 37 Elizabeth Ave.

A popular spot for many students. With tons of seating and wide tables it's the prime spot to set up shop. They also have some of the best coffee around to fuel you. If you're looking for a spot with an excellent environment for studying and deadly coffee this is it.

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Atlantic Place // 215 Water St.

One of my personal favourite spots for topping up your brain before test day. A low traffic area with good coffee and food nearby. It also has great light and an awesome view for when you need a 5 minutes break. With tons of tables and spots to choose from it's one of the best spots to study.

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Fixed Coffee & Baking // 183 Duckworth St.

What's a study spot without coffee? Fixed Coffee is located in the heart of downtown and is an awesome spot to pop a squat. All you need is you and your books and you're ready for action. After you've finished cramming reward yourself with a delicious pastry.

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Rocket Bakery // 272 Water St.

Another coffee shop with tons of seating and tables to pick from. Depending on the time of day you can get a spot with low traffic. One of the best things about Rocket is rewarding your hard work with a cold one.

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Georgetown Cafe and Bookshelf// 73 Hayward Ave.

Tucked away on Hayward avenue is this little gem. A spot not many people are aware of but it's the best place to read that case study to prep for finals. They serve espresso, coffee, lattes and have an assortment of treats. So hit up this place to prepare for the pesky finals.

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The University Centre // 230 Elizabeth Ave.

The place where most people try and get a little extra studying in. Not the best idea during the day — although it's a nice thought. But after hours it's one of the most peaceful spots around. Bring your books, coffee and even pack a lunch. Spread the books as far as you want. Nobody will care because nobody will be there.

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Element Coffee Bar // 516 Topsail Rd.

This coffee bar is the best place to study and reward yourself at the same time. Did you know they serve alcohol not just coffee? They even serve baileys in your coffee! So if you're studying but need to get rid of that edge of stress drink up!

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Bitters Pub // 216 Prince Philip Dr.

A staple in every MUN student's life — Bitters. The spot where you bond with other students about finals, the frustrations of group work and studying. The spot where you can drink coffee, or beer or whatever you want while squeezing the last bit of information.