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The Top 9 Craziest Things To Come Out Of Newfoundland's Huge Stormaggedon

It's been absolute chaos in the Atlantic this week!
The Top 9 Craziest Things To Come Out Of Newfoundland's Huge Stormaggedon

It’s been a ridiculous 48 hours in Atlantic Canada, as the province has been totally engulfed by a massive winter blizzard. More than 70 cm of snow and winds of up to 140 km/h have battered the region since Thursday, and the storm is leaving total chaos behind it. If you’ve been wondering just how bad things got, here are the top 9 craziest things to come out of Newfoundland's huge "stormaggedon". 

While the worst of the mega-storm has now passed, and Environment Canada has removed the blizzard warnings for the province, Newfoundlanders are now dealing with the huge aftermath of the unexpected chaos.

Although you can only go up from here for islanders, dealing with the consequences of 76 centimetres of accumulation isn’t going to be easy. When you see some of the mayhem that the storm has caused, it looks like an impossible task ahead.

To document just how absurd things were getting on Friday, residents of the easternmost province took to social media to share their most ludicrous experiences in the snow blast.

If you thought you’d seen the worst of Canada’s wild winter weather, here are the 9 most ridiculous things to come out of the enormous snowmaggedon…

Dude, Where's My Car?

Cars got literally drowned in this snowstorm.

People actually *lost* their vehicles in this ultimate blizzard. Yikes!

Blizzard Baby

If this story is true, this baby will go on to become the most Canadian person on Earth.

A birth story could not possibly get any more "Canada" than this.

Good job, mom!

Ice Bath

The best tip to have come out of snowmaggedon 2020 is the "ice bath."

Experienced Newfoundlanders took to Twitter to share the age-old bath tip, and many struggling locals were extremely grateful for the useful advice.

Snow Way Out

You know conditions are bad when the snow is literally ringing your front doorbell.

Man Down

It's been a tough 24 hours of reporting for The Rock's local journalists.

In fact, the weather was so bad that one poor weather reporter actually got blown-away.

Solidarity, my friends!

Frozen Tribute - Literally 

If you've got to deal with being blocked in your house by a storm, might as well make a new BFF.

You've got to hand it to islanders, they're good at making the best out of a bad situation.

Snow Swings

This is a true Canadian winter.

If you ever consider complaining about the weather again, don't do it unless it's possible to swing like this!


This is when these conditions can get dangerous.

While, thankfully, nobody was hurt by this avalanche, it's a dark reminder of what can happen when the weather gets serious.

While this stormageddon has finally passed, there's more bad weather on the way for the Maritimes.

According to The Weather Network, the next round of snow will arrive on Sunday afternoon.

Stay safe out there, Newfoundland!

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