Update as of 11:24 AM PST on February 5, 2019: 

RCMP have corrected their earlier statement that said the gum tested positive for narcotics. The RCMP is now stating that the gum container tested positive for narcotics, not the gum itself. RCMP confirm that the gum container was likely used to conceal the illegal drugs. 

RCMP has issued a warning this morning after responding to a reported drug overdose within the Bay Roberts community in Newfoundland. After responding to the victim of the drug overdose, officers discovered that the victim had bubble gum in their possession that was laced with narcotics. Now the RCMP is warning Canadians to be careful about narcotic-laced candy within their community, especially in Newfoundland. 

Bay Roberts RCMP was called to a drug overdose within their community recently where the responding officer had to use Naloxone nasal spray on the victim. This spray helped to quickly reverse the effects of the overdose and stable to victim enough to transport them to the hospital where they survived. 

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During the call, the RCMP stated that they confiscated numerous items from the victim, including a package of bubble gum. After testing the bubble gum it became apparent that it contained narcotics, including Fentanyl. 

In the RCMP news release, they released a photo of "Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape" in a purple circular package stating that "A likeness of the packaging which contained bubble gum with narcotics is attached,". 

Via Bay Roberts RCMP

Fentanyl is an extremely potent and dangerous narcotic that can result in death, even if it is consumed in small amounts. According to CBC News, local police stated that "We have no reason to believe that this was laced at the factory that the gum was made at or that there's any concerns in relation to that,".

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RCMP are still investigating where the bubble gum was obtained and how much in circulation it is. Yet, at this point in the investigation, the RCMP are stating that they believe that gum was brought in from out of the province and that it was not made within Newfoundland. 

The RCMP are now warning Canadians to be careful and mindful when it comes to narcotic-laced candy in case other substances or products are in circulation throughout Newfoundland or Canada. 

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If you have any information about the case you can reach Corporal Matthew Christie from the Bay Roberts RCMP at 709-786-2118. 

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