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You Can Fly In & Out Of St. John's Airport Again After It Was Closed For Almost A Week

The airport got 76.2 centimetres of snow on January 17.
St. John's Airport Is Finally Open After Almost A Week Of Being Closed

Life is slowly starting to go back to normal in Newfoundland after a winter storm hit the province and brought huge amounts of snow. The capital city is still under a state of emergency but there's a little bit more freedom now. The St. John's airport is finally open again after being closed for almost a week because of the blizzard. 

As of 5:00 a.m. on January 22, all operations resumed at St. John's International Airport after being given the green light by the city. 

People are now able to fly in and out of the city on regularly scheduled flights. There will also be some recovery ones as well.

"Please do not travel to the airport unless you have a flight, are working there, or are picking someone up. When possible, please carpool or take a taxi to minimize traffic and congestion on roadways," the airport said in a tweet.

Even though they are back up and operating, you should check your flight before making the trek out there. 

They also say that "if you're heading to the airport, please arrive early to ensure you have extra time for the travelling process." 

For travellers who were stuck in the city and for people who couldn't get there because of the storm, it's been almost a week of not being able to travel.

St. John's International Airport got a record-breaking total of 76.2 centimetres of snow when the storm hit on January 17.

That's the most snow that has ever fallen there in a single day.

During the storm, all businesses were closed and people were told to go home and stay off the roads until further notice.

So far only a few of those restrictions have been lifted, like at the airport. 

On January 21, grocery stores were also finally able to reopen so people could stock up on supplies and lines to get inside them were huge.

It is still unknown when the state of emergency will be lifted in St. John's.

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