A Newfoundlander Made A Snowmageddon 2020 Music Video & It's Perfect

He says, "people have been taking the storm in their stride!"
The Snowmageddon 2020 Music Video Is The Best Thing In Canada Right Now
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It was a wild weekend in Newfoundland, as the province was battered with a blizzard so chaotic it became known as “snowmageddon.” The storm saw a record-breaking snowfall of 76 cm, while wind gusts reached 130 km/h. Despite the mayhem, Newfoundlanders still found time to have fun, and one guy’s Snowmageddon 2020 music video is the best thing to have happened so far this year.

Over the past few days, the islanders found themselves amidst one of the worst snowstorms in their recent history, as they battled with hurricane-level winds and record-breaking snow in the province.

The weather became so terrible that a state of emergency was officially declared in St. John’s, and locals were urged to stay indoors and avoid the dangerous conditions.

Despite the warnings from Environment Canada, fearless Newfoundlanders were not deterred from sharing the crazy conditions in their local areas, and some of the photos and videos show just how ludicrous the weather became during the blizzard.

While the images from snowmageddon are incredible, one brave resident has created a music video about the blizzard, and it’s the best thing to have come out of Canada, like, ever.

To the tune of "I Want To Break Free" by Queen, Cullam Bruce-Lockhart and his partner have created a new set of lyrics and a DIY music video, and it showcases the eastern province's snowmageddon 2020 just perfectly!

Speaking to Narcity about the origins of the masterpiece, Bruce-Lockhart explained, "My partner, Heather King, and I were taking on the rather monumental task of clearing our driveway of the snow.

"It took us nine hours over the first two days and with so much time spent doing a drudgerous task, one's mind tends to wander...

"After we were done, Heather informed me that over the course of trying to break through the plow line, she'd ended up repeatedly singing the Queen song ‘I Want to Break Free’ in her head."

From there, Bruce-Lockhart and King decided to record the song with modified lyrics, helping share their experiences with the rest of the world.

As the Queen song plays in the background, the music video is composed of several amazing and shocking clips from the huge storm.

Highlights include Bruce-Lockhart using a snow shovel as a microphone, Newfoundlanders desperately trying to "break free" from their snow-blocked homes and even fish blowing out of the ocean and into local gardens!

The video was created by acquiring storm footage from their friends and family, and submissions were compiled together over the course of an evening.

Bruce-Lockhart explained, “By the next morning we were able to get it finalized and sent out for our fellow snow warriors to enjoy!”

The creative duo told Narcity that they were pleased with the reception of their video so far, which has received more than 30,000 views on Youtube.

“For the most part, people of Newfoundland have been taking the storm in stride, and being as pleasant about the whole ordeal as they can be,” Bruce-Lockhart explained.

He continued, “People have been kind and patient, taking a several hour wait in line outdoors with good humour.”

“We've been delighted to hopefully contribute to the mood surrounding it all.”

Stay smiling, Newfoundland. You'll break free eventually!

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Helena Hanson
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