No matter what age you are, scavenger hunts are always fun. You can do them for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or for the hell of it. But this time, we're doing it so you can get to know city St. John's a little bit better!

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This hunt will take you through the oldest city in North America, although there isn't a winning prize, it'll make for a great day with your S/O or best friends, and you'll hopefully find new great places to hang out.

To all of you with a competitive nature, I wish you luck! And for those who don't have an ounce of competitiveness in them like me, at least these places are cool AF so you can take the perfect Instagram.

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1. The view from this gallery/museum 

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2. The houses of Jelly Bean Row

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3. The dinosaurs at the Johnson Geo Centre

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4. The Screech Room

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5. This ancient Roman Catholic Church 

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6. This tower on the hill

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7. This lighthouse on the edge of the East Coast

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8. Spot the clock tower

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9. The most Easterly Point in North America

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10. This quaint little village tucked away in St. John's

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11. Can you find these pups? 

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12. End off the hunt with a cold one on this little big street

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13. This wall art