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This Map Will Take You On An Epic Patio Crawl Through Downtown St. John's

I'm outdoorsy... meaning I like to drink on patios.
This Map Will Take You On An Epic Patio Crawl Through Downtown St. John's

Believe it or not—Summer IS a season in St. John’s, and if you’re looking to do some Summer patio sipping, we’ve laid out all the best places for you to do so.

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Does it get any better than patio drinks? Yes. Patio drinks in downtown St. John's. You're sure to find your perfect patio to meet all your summer drinking requirements. 

The Keg // 127 Harbour Drive

Summer sippin’ and admiring the beauty of the St. John’s harbour. That about sums up the Keg patio in downtown. Even if it’s a little chilly, they will fire up those outside heaters. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!!!

Jungle Jim's // 2 Holdsworth Court

The perfect place to prime for a night on the town. At the head of George Street, you're just a couple steps away from ALL your favourite pubs. Sounds like a winner to us. Do your self a favour, and try the hurricane!

O'Reilly's Irish Pub // George Street

Just when we thought O'Reilly's couldn't get any better, THEY OPEN A ROOF TOP PATIO. It's just as great as you'd expect it to be. You have to see it for yourself. 

Sundance // George Street

Sundance is the original hot spot of downtown patios. You can always count on the Sundance Deck to have great drink specials, and you know you’re in for an even greater time. 
Warning: day drinking at the Sundance may lead to night drinking. 

Green Sleeves Pub // George St

Patio beers and live entertainment? Green Sleeves Pub won't disappoint. Grab a few drinks on this quaint little patio. 
Protip: This patio is great during George Street Fest—if you can snag a table.

Gypsy Courtyard // 315 Watet Street

Is it even Summer in St. John’s until the Gypsy Tea room open their courtyard? Most definitely not.

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