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23 Secret Places In St. Louis To Bring Your Girlfriend This Fall

These hidden gems are waiting for you!
23 Secret Places In St. Louis To Bring Your Girlfriend This Fall

You feel that? That's the cool breeze helping the leaves fall from the trees. Yup, that's right. Summer is coming to an end and fall is upon us. Even if you are denial, you can't help but know it's happening because all the clothing stores have started putting sweaters and scarves on mannequins. 

But the fun doesn't just stop because summer is over. There are always things to do with your partner even as the weather gets colder. And if you're itching to earn some brownie points with your SO, now is the perfect time. 

This list is basically the ultimate bucket list for the fall. There are things for the outdoorsy couples, the foodies, the nerds and the ones who have been counting down the days until Halloween since it ended last year.

These hidden gems in St. Louis are waiting for you! So browse the list, choose what you think would be a nice surprise for your girlfriend and let the games begin.

Moonlight Paddleboat Picnics

Where: Forest Park

Want a new way to view the sunset? There is still time to make a reservation to have dinner and drinks on a paddle boat in Forest Park at The Boathouse. Sit back, relax, and enjoy each other's company as you snuggle on the lake. If you're serious about this, jump on it and make a reservation! Take bae on a date she'll never forget.


The Fountain on Locust

Where: 3037 Locust St

Who needs a 50s diner to appreciate a good milkshake? Except ... these milkshakes are the adult kind. This restaurant serves cocktails with ice cream in them! There are ice cream martinis, champagne floats and more. It's okay to admit that you're drooling just from the photo and the description. You're only human.

Tower Grove Park

Where: 4256 Magnolia Ave

Take advantage of the beautiful parks you have in St. Louis! As the weather gets cooler, put on your peacoat and head on over to see the leaves changing colors. Take a romantic stroll around the park as you look at the waterlily ponds. If you really want to up the romance factor, you could always book a carriage ride for the two of you and treat bae like the Disney princess that she is.

Thies Farm

Where: 4215 N Hanley Rd

Did you think you'd escape this list without a single pumpkin activity? After you buy your girlfriend a Pumpkin Spice Latte, take her to pick pumpkins. You can each buy one, go home and then see who can carve the best one. Without hurting yourself with those sharp knives, of course. Don't get too crazy competitive! 


Where: 16625 Swingley Ridge Rd, Chesterfield

Have your dream of running away to join the circus come true. Every Wednesday-Sunday, you can take a trapeze class! You pull out this one when your girlfriend says she's bored of the same date night places. Think outside the box and surprise her with this weekend activity! And if you two are afraid of heights, you can also take a drop-in juggling class from the same company on the 3rd floor of the City Museum. If this doesn't bring you closer together as a couple, what will?


Baileys' Chocolate Bar

Where: 1915 Park Ave

Treat this place like it's your own Hunger Games. Just arrive there starving and fill your stomach with delicious treats. And what other way to celebrate bae than to share the Lovers' Plate with her? Just make sure you keep an eye on how much the other person is eating. It should be shared evenly, after all.

Lemp Mansion

Where3322 Demenil Pl

It's about to get spooky. Take in a murder mystery dinner show or take a ghost tour here. It's up to you and the GF to decide what you can handle. The Lemp Mansion even serves meals during regular dining hours. You know, if you're into eating in a building that's been called one of the most haunted places in America!


Lantern Fest

Where: Brookdale Farms

Now you can recreate the Tangled scene. Lantern Fest happens every year in Eureka (just a short 30 minute drive away!) and it's a spectacular sight. Before the sun goes down, you can listen to live music and enjoy some food. But, as soon as it gets dark, you light the sky with lanterns with your hopes and dreams written on them. It's about to get lit.


Pin-Up Bowl

Where: 6191 Delmar Blvd

Not everyone wants to be outside and in nature, so this one's for you. A date at a bowling alley could easily turn into a fun double date! Pit the couples against each other for some friendly competition. Plus, bowling is always more fun when you're a bit buzzed so take advantage of the drink specials!

Hermans Farm Orchard

Where3663 MO-94, St Charles

Don't get mad — this is technically a 30-minute drive outside of St. Louis, but it's worth it. You can go apple picking here! And nothing screams fall more than that and the Bath and Body Works candles your girlfriend is hoarding. To be honest, you're only there to reach the apples at the top and to be the designated photographer. You'll provide commentary on which kinds of apples taste the best and that's about it. But at least your girlfriend will be happy!

Soulard Farmers Market

Where: 730 Carroll St

Looking for a lowkey date night? Go to the farmers market during the day to pick up some fresh produce so you two can make dinner together. You can even sneak off and buy her flowers to surprise her with. It's not always about going to the fanciest restaurants or spending a ton of money on experiences.

City Museum

Where: 750 N 16th St

It's not exactly a secret, but sometimes what's right in front of you is the best option. City Museum is basically an adult playground, but with culture sprinkled in. There are caves! Ten-story slides! A tree house! Is there really anything better than spending a rainy afternoon here on a weekend?


Flowers and Weeds

Where: 3201 Cherokee St

Even if you don't have a green thumb, this place is worth visiting. Explore the flower studio/greenhouse and maybe pick out a plant baby for the two of you to take care of! Even if you can't decide on a plant to buy, it's nice to browse and ask questions about how to stop killing off plants. 


Laclede's Landing Wax Museum

Where: 720 N 2nd St

Get silly and get creeped out. Check out the wax museum when you want to make your girlfriend laugh. The museum has over 250 wax figures, but the best ones are the scary monsters. There will always be a small part of you that wonders ... it's fake, right? Until you see a monster blink.


Lafayette Park

Where: 2023 Lafayette Ave

There's so much to do here! You can explore the pavilions, find all the statues, and take a walk along the lake. But really, the highlight of the park is the bridge. It's gorgeous among all the trees and it's definitely an Instagram worthy photo. If you're not embarrassed, ask someone to take a photo of the two of you on the bridge.

The Central Library

Where: 1301 Olive St

Nerds, where you at? Check out a book and check out the building. The Central Library is a beautiful building that makes it seem like you could be at Hogwarts studying for your Potions class. Libraries are the best place to be on rainy days and there's nothing like the smell of books to make you feel cozy.

Casa Loma Ballroom

Where:  3354 Iowa Ave

Dance your little hearts out. On certain Fridays and Saturdays, you and your love can learn so many dance styles. So choose your poison! Will it be the waltz? The foxtrot or perhaps the tango? Don't be self-conscious! Everybody is there to learn and nobody is going in as a professional.


Upper Limits

Where: 326 S 21st St

Climb to new heights in your relationship! Indoor bouldering and rock climbing is the perfect activity if you're looking to escape the outdoors. And since you two are being active, you can justify treating yourselves to some pizza and dessert. Win, win, win!


Venice Cafe

Where: 1903 Pestalozzi St

The inside of this cafe is trippy. It's nothing like you've seen before with bright colored mosaics and folk art that covers all the walls. There are fairy lights, lanterns and license plates hanging from the ceiling. No two tables are the same! So sit down, have a drink, and try to focus because it's hard to stay focused here! Something will ultimately catch your eye and distract you.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour

Where: S 12th St & Lynch St

Learning and alcohol? What a combo. There are several tour options you can take and there's even a complimentary one too! The free tour lasts about 45 minutes and takes you through the famous 7-step brewing process. 



Where: 2114 Cherokee St

Just file this under: "Weirdest thing ever." You can actually tour a museum dedicated just to saxophones. The museum houses vintage and rare saxophones as well as a collection of old saxophone recordings. So maybe just step in and see what it's all about! It's free and on the second level of the music store. Because sometimes, dates need to be a bit quirky and out there. 


Museum of the Dog

Where: 1721 S Mason Rd

Dog lovers, where you at? This one is for you and your canine friend! This museum has the largest collection of dog art in the country. So bring along your dog so they can see themselves represented in the art of the world. 


Top Notch Axe Throwing

Where: 440 N 4th St 

It's battle of the axes! Get away from the world and just focus on hitting that target. To make things interesting, you should bet that the loser has to buy the winner a cup of hot apple cider. Depending on the time of day, you might have to make that a hot apple toddy instead.


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