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COVID-19 In Missouri: Man Charged For Coughing On People In Store

Sometimes we have to leave the safety of our homes to grab a few essential items from the closest store. With "stay at home" orders being placed in nearly every big city across the country, most people are aware of the severity of the world's current situation. But, some people just can't follow the rules. A man was just taken into custody for purposefully coughing on other shoppers amid COVID-19 concerns in Missouri

According to Cuba PD, an employee from an unnamed store in Cuba, Missouri, said that a male shopper was disrupting the peace and causing the store to be unsafe on Tuesday, March 31.

The employee who called in the complaint said that a man who visited the store was purposely coughing onto other shoppers. They also claimed that the male wrote “COVID” on a cooler door that he had fogged up.

Local police then headed to the store to handle the ongoing disturbance.

With help from the public, the Cuba police were able to locate the suspect and he was charged with making a terrorist threat in the second degree.

In the state of Missouri, this crime is a felony and is punishable by a $10,000 fine and the possibility of up to four years in prison or a year in jail.

So far, the man accused has not given any statement to the public about the incident. His father spoke to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, claiming that his son did not have the disease and was "healthy as a horse."

Cuba PD said that John Swaller, a 33-year-old man from the area, is in custody with a $25,000 bond.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch revealed that Swaller already had a pending criminal case in Crawford County "on charges of drug possession and resisting arrest in Cuba in January."

The store has since been closed down for sanitization.

The public is in high panic mode over the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as those who seem to be making light of a dark situation. Cody Pfister, another Missouri man,  was arrested for licking a row of deodorants in Walmart for a Snapchat in Warrenton.

In the video, Pfister tells the camera, “Who’s scared of coronavirus? Don’t touch your mouth?” before gliding his tongue across numerous Walmart products.

Missouri isn't the only state with social media users who are doing dangerous things for their audiences. A Californian TikToker was hospitalized in March for being a part of a "coronavirus" challenge.

The 21-year-old man filmed himself licking a public toilet seat, and released a video of himself shortly after in the hospital.

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