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Missouri's Natural Rock Bridge Can Be Found Down This Forest Staircase

There are so many beautiful hidden gems across the state of Missouri, one of them being in a spot you might not have guessed. In the small college town of Colombia, you will find one of the most incredible natural wonders. Missouri's coolest natural rock bridge lies at the bottom of a foliage-covered staircase in Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.

In the middle of the wonderful Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, is where the Devil’s Icebox lies. This spot is an above and below-ground rock formation that can be found by following various wooden bridges and trails.

The spot is named the Devil's Icebox because it is constantly 56 degrees all year round.

Visitors of the park are welcomed to explore underneath the natural rock bridge. People have posted photos of them climbing across rocks, venturing up and down the long staircase, and exploring the darkness underneath the landscape.

Explorers of the park can also take a chance and venture into the deep darkness of Connor’s Cave.

The Icebox includes a long expanse of caves that are seven miles long! You can try to explore alone, but tours are typically safer. However, tours are closed until further notice to protect the caves bats from the spread of white-nose syndrome.

The entire park is full of rare sights that are all so enchanting, and spending a day here is sure to give you a tranquil and peaceful experience.

Across the area of the Devil's Icebox are sinkholes, caves, below ground streams, and trickling springs.

The incredible rock bridge that you can explore was created when a portion of the cave system's roof collapsed and left a natural bridge.

You can also stay above ground and walk over the Devil’s Icebox Boardwalk leads visitors over the 125 foot-long natural tunnel.

Devil's Icebox

Price: Free

Address: 5901 South Highway 163, Columbia, MO

Why You Need To Go: To discover the fascinating underworld of Missouri that will blow you away. You'll be exploring this chilly place for hours.

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