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This Missouri State Park 1000-Step Natural Staircase Leads You To Mystical Views

It's some people's nightmare to have to walk up a seemingly endless staircase, for other people, it sounds like an enchanting dream! Depending on the staircase, of course. There is a beautiful scenic hike in a Missouri state park that is rightfully dubbed the 1,000 steps trail, and it leads you way up over the hills. To get in your daily workout while being surrounded by stunning views, you need to head over to Washington State Park.

Washington State Park is a public natural area that spans about 2,147 acres in central-eastern Missouri. There are many features to the park that people from all over can enjoy.

Hike through the forest or throw on a bathing suit and get swimming down the Big River to cool off under the summer sun.

However, one of the most exciting spots in the state park is the 1,000 Steps Trail. This trail is exactly what you think it is, a steep elevated hike with plenty of steps to walk up.

There's plenty of history and beauty to be found when you set off on this fun hike.

The staircase is made out of natural stones and leads hikers up through the hills across plenty of exciting wildlife and natural landmarks.

You might even spot petroglyphs, or ancient rock carvings, when you're adventuring through the area.

Along the trail are the secret ruins of an old stone shelter. Wandering through the building feels like you're entering into a mysterious fairytale.

Each season gives the state park a new feel to it, so you might have to visit multiple times to see the bright and shining summers to the dreamy autumn evenings.

During the winter, the weather is much colder and the trees become bare, transforming the area into a much more mystical place.

1,000 Steps Trail

Price: Free

Address: 13041 MO-104, De Soto, MO

Why You Need To Go: You can hike up an endless natural staircase into the sky and find plenty of fun sights along the way.

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