If you were not blessed with perfectly straight teeth and had the available funds on hand, you're more than familiar with braces. You had them, the kids in your class had them. Your brothers, sister, friends and crushes. You may remember the exact day you got them on and of course - the glorious day you got them off, with gleaming, glowing, perfect teeth. 

But as anyone who's gotten braces knows very, very well - it is a long and tedious road from when you get them on and off, with many a teen-scream low-point. Here are some of our most memorable hardships of having tin-teeth. 

1. Getting them on for the first time and wondering how you're going to survive being ugly for two years. 

That first glimpse in the mirror just gets you right in the ego. Who is this and are they ever going to get asked to slow-dance to Wonderwall??

2. Getting headaches/general pain from your brackets

It was already bad enough that they're not attractive, but these things hurt?? Are you kidding me??

3. Regretting your elastic colour maybe 4 days after your orthodontist put them on

"Yeah I want rainbow!!" ... okay these are terrible. 

4. Having your elastics randomly break during conversation

Just a fun perk of being my friend! ! 

5. Feeling like your own mouth doesn't want you to speak because of the elastic-tension

On the plus side, I guess this is a jaw workout?

6. Getting your damn food STUCK in your brackets 

Just GROSS. 

7. Having to use ridiculous tools to pretend to floss

You know you didn't do this everyday, please stop. 

8. That one friend who actually looked better with braces??

Is this a sick joke????

9. Or someone telling you, that you  look better with braces??

This is the ugliest I've ever been and honestly, I'm offended. 

10. Saying goodbye to apples, hard candy, corn-on-the-cob etc etc. 

11. Constantly asking people if there's anything in your braces

Guys, I'm serious. Is there pizza in here??


I've never been more betrayed.

13. Constantly brushing your teeth at the littlest thing stuck in your brackets

It's going to bug me all day, okay?! 

14. Getting your cheek stuck in your brackets :( 

Actually, very painful. 

15. Having half your relatives/friends ask to see your teeth 

They look the same as the last time you saw them, okay??

16. Having to learn to smile with your mouth

Even if you look terrible while doing so - still better than the braces. 

17. Thinking co-ordinating your bracket colours with holidays was cool 

When it really, really wasn't. 

18. Getting super terrified of being a bad kisser

"What if I cut their mouth in some insane way??" 

19. Even getting slightly bumped in the mouth was game over

The inside of my lips are probably wrecked but, thank-you.

20. Getting your braces actually tightened was a legitimate nightmare. 

Do they prescribe T3's for this or??

21. Getting stuck with an actual retainer literally the day after you get your braces off

Excuse me, this is bullshit. 

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