I met this guy a few years ago when I was working at a new boutique in Toronto. He was a few years younger than me, and his ex-girlfriend and I were acquaintances... but he was fun and things between us got flirty. 

After a few weeks of working together, we saw each other at a party and things heated up quickly when he kissed me that very same night for the first time.

I wasn't really thinking about getting into a relationship at the time - it was summer and I simply wanted to have fun with this cute guy. 

By the time Summer ended things had gotten a little more serious between us. As I got to know more about him I realized that this was more than just a summer fling and I was really enjoying spending time with him and his family. 

We decided to DTR and make things official during the fall and every day after it felt like we fell more and more in love. Everything was going amazingly... until he went MIA for a few days just before his birthday. We were still working at the same clothing store, and I thought that it was super weird that no one had heard from him. 

A few days before he went ''missing'', I told his ex-gf that we were officially together because she also worked with us and I didn't want things to get weird for our co-workers. She told me that she had known from the start and never bothered asking me questions about it because she was happy for us, and had moved on with someone else. 

After 2 days of ignoring my calls and texts, my BF finally called me to say sorry and explained that his phone died, that he wasn't feeling well and wasn't able to reach me (yeah right!). I was pretty pissed but decided to give him a chance. He invited me over, and since it was a few days before his birthday, I said yes and went to buy something cute for him before our date night. 

Even though I was happy to see him again, it was impossible for me to forget the fact that he completely ignored me for a few days, and then acted as if everything was totally fine. Before going on our date, I decided to creep his FB account - just to see if something was up. 

What I found was even weirder than all the crazy scenarios I made my in my head: 2 unread messages, one from his ex, and one from the guy that his ex was dating. 

The first message read something like ''Last night was so amazing and I really missed you. But after thinking about it, I've realized that I don't want to get back together, I'm actually happy with the new guy I'm with''... blablabla. Oh, now I know why he went MIA for 2 days. The second message, from the new BF, was so brutal that I can't even re-write what was in there. 

After dying a little inside, I decided to play the game and meet up with him. Since I knew he hadn't read the messages yet, I decided to hatch my own little plan. I mean in his mind, everything was completely fine. 

I arrived at his place with his bday gift and acted totally normal, until I decided to come clean (almost). I said that I knew he saw his ex behind my back and that I knew they were planning on getting back together - because of the message I read on his FB. I was careful not to mention that she'd changed her mind, of course. I told him I understood his decision but that he had to choose between her and I. Of course, he chose her. 

I left his place in peace, knowing what he would find in his inbox. The moral of this story? Don't ever lie to your girlfriend and never try to get back with your ex - especially if you're dating said girlfriend. 

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