For decades, Canada has been on a quest for its own Hawaii. Despite seemingly endless conversations about the possible acquisition of the Turks and Caicos islands, the idea has yet to actually come to fruition.

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But Canada may have another opportunity to obtain a snowbird destination, and this time, it could actually be Hawaii itself. Several people have voiced their support of the idea to annex Hawaii from the United States and make it a province of Canada.

The movement started after a federal court in Hawaii ruled to block President Donald Trump's revised travel ban a few months ago. The ban, which targeted all non-visa holders from six Muslim majority countries, was stopped in its tracks just a few hours before it was to take effect. The federal judge in Hawaii who ruled against the ban felt that Trump's statements about Muslims proved that the ban was fueled by anti-Muslim sentiment, making it unconstitutional.

Trump supporters raged over the decision and even threatened to boycott Hawaii in retaliation. They even went as far as to claim Hawaii was "un-American", forgetting completely about the significance of the state to the country's history (Pearl Harbor).

Hawaiians were not bothered in the least by these threats. In fact, many of them were in support of the boycott because they felt it would lead to less annoying tourists. Canadians backed the Hawaiians as well, offering them the chance to leave the United States and join their country. One Canadian even started a petition to get Hawaii to join Canada, along with other "blue" states like Washington, Oregon and California.

Both Canadians and Americans seem to agree that Canada would be a better fit for Hawaii and its interests:

Would you be in favour of Hawaii becoming Canada's next province?

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