I won't pretend to be the most courageous person when it comes to anything scary, spooky, haunted, or condemned. As a matter of fact, I'm just the kind of person who'll run fast and far from anything that goes bump in the night. Except in this one instance- I couldn't help but get sucked into this story going viral on twitter and now I wish I hadn't heard it at all.

Adam Ellis, an author and illustrator took to twitter to explain the absolutely freaky phenomenon that was happening in his apartment at night. He starts his story saying "So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he's trying to kill me". Ominous, terrifying, and yes grossly intriguing. 

It all started when Ellis initially had a dream of a little boy sitting on the green rocking chair in his bedroom. In his dream, Ellis was experiencing sleep paralysis (a condition where you are mentally awake but physically unable to move) and was therefore glued to his bed. In the dream, this nameless little boy lunges out of the rocker and scrambles toward the bed, startling the still paralyzed Ellis as the boy continues toward him. That night Ellis awakes screaming.

 The next night he has another dream, this time not about the little boy but instead, it's a girl who approaches him: 

And while two dreams around the same topic is a little strange, it's by no means cause for too much concern... except Dear David visited Ellis in his dreams again just a few weeks later. 

Now if we remember Ellis's dream with the girl in the library, she gave him some pretty specific instructions on how he should go about talking to little David. So what does he do once David appears? Obviously, he starts asking him questions. 

Now if you know simple math like I do, you'd have realized that Ellis had asked David 3 questions... the one thing he wasn't supposed to do. So what happens next? Nothing - Ellis wakes up terrified knowing that he'd just royally screwed up. 

Ellis then proceeds to Google everything he can about a boy named David who might have been killed in a grocery store but finds nothing. Around that time another apartment becomes vacant in Ellis's building and he jumps on the opportunity to GTFO of his haunted ass unit. 

A couple months pass and Ellis is happily having nights of uninterrupted sleep. To him, this is a good sign that the coast is most likely clear. Right? Wrong! Turns out, Dear David was able to track him down. 

You know that there's a theory that animals can sense evil or spirits around them? Yeah just keep that in mind.  

Now for a long time, that's where the story has ended. But just when we thought the Dear David saga was over, Ellis confirmed that it very much is not. This week he tweeted out a story so freaky and messed up that it just seems too coincidental to be brushed off. For the third time in his life, he has had a dream featuring this tiny, terrifying little boy.

On his arm was a giant bruise that hadn't been there before he went to bed, but not one to jump to conclusions he brushed it off as something that must have happened the day before and went about the rest of his morning.

Then things truly start to take a turn for the fucked up. On his way to grab coffee (something he does every weekend) he notices that a very popular repair shop has shut down. It was often packed with items waiting to get fixed but that day there was nothing in the warehouse space. Well except for one lone green chair. 

Now alone this might not be a big deal but put the pieces together and things start to feel eerie. On the same day that Ellis wakes up with a bruise from a dream where he's dragged into an empty warehouse by Dear David, he passes an empty warehouse with a green chair (like his green rocker in his bedroom) as the sole item in the space. When he passed the warehouse again on his way home from grabbing a coffee, he see's that the doors are closed up and have remained that way ever since. 

Since posted, this story has been shared around 30 thousand times. Some people think this is just an elaborate joke, other think he truly is being haunted by the ghost of a dead little boy, and others - like myself - are following the story concerned and enthralled. 

Believe what you want but if you find yourself being visited by a little boy in the night, make sure to remember how many questions you ask him.  

Source: Twitter & @moby_dickhead

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