Storm Chips Are The Weirdest Canadian Winter Snack & You Can Get Them At Costco

They're the perfect winter snack!
Storm Chips Origin Started With Winter Storms & Now you Can Buy Them At Costco

The rest of Canada might not know what storm chips are, but Maritimers are all too familiar with the famous snack. While one company is now selling chips under the name, the storm chips origin actually goes back more than a few years. Now they've become a Canadian winter tradition. 

Canada's Atlantic region can see plenty of crazy weather, and that means that people tend to stock up on supplies so they don't have to go outside.

During every storm in the region, the aisle that sees the most action at grocery stores is the chip aisle, which usually gets completely cleaned out. The name "storm chips" caught on after CBC Radio One host Stephanie Domet tweeted about them in 2014. 

"I went to the grocery store and I got my ripple chips and dip, and took a photo of it, and tweeted, “Success! #stormchips.” The rest, as they say, is history, I guess," Domet told Maclean's.

Storm chips have become such a phenomenon on the East Coast, that one chip company even started marketing their own brand. You can even buy a case of them from Costco.

Covered Bridge's Storm Chips feature one bag with "a flurry of flavours" that include salt and vinegar, dill pickle, barbecue, and in true Candian fashion, ketchup.

Considering some of the winter weather that's already hit Halifax, there have probably already been plenty of people stocking up on storm chips. The hashtag #stormchips is also alive and well on Twitter.

Luckily, storm chips aren't relegated just to the East Coast anymore. Canadians facing ugly winter weather in other parts of the country can also get their hands on this classic cold-weather staple, thanks to Costco and also Farm Boy. 

Even if this is going to be fairly mild winter, and also not as long as last year's there's still no problem with getting cozy, grabbing a bag of chips, and just staying inside as long as you possibly can.

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