Netflix Just Gave Finn Wolfhard From "Stranger Things" An Extra Canadian Shout Out

Finn was born & raised in Vancouver, British Columbia!
Netflix Just Gave Finn Wolfhard From "Stranger Things" An Extra Canadian Shout Out

Being Canadian is one of the best things a person can be, at least in my books anyway. Not only do we have tasty things like poutine and butter tarts, but we also have plenty of homegrown talent that we're immensely proud of. Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard is so Canadian that Netflix tweeted about it.

If you've ever seen Stranger Things, you probably recognize Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler, the on-again-off-again boyfriend of Eleven. He does a seriously awesome job in his role and Netflix users everywhere have really come to love him over the past few years.

Yesterday, August 26, the official Netflix Canada Twitter account sent out a video dedicated to Wolfhard and his Canadian roots and connections, reminding us all of exactly why we love him so much. 

Wolfhard was born in Vancouver, B.C. on December 23, 2002, making him just 16 years old. For someone of such a young age, he's got a pretty impressive resume under his belt so far, and it's only getting better! Besides Stranger Things, Wolfhard is also in a band called Calpurnia, which is signed to the independent Canadian record label Rocky Mountain Records.

Wolfhard has also guest-starred on The 100 and Supernatural, both of which are filmed in his hometown of Vancouver. He's spent a lot of his summer across the provincial border in Alberta for the filming of Ghostbusters as well, and he's frequently been spotted at many hot spots in the city of Calgary like Village Ice Cream.

If you need more of the iconic young Canadian actor in your life, you can catch Wolfhard as Richie in the It movie franchise, as Player in Camen Sandiego, or in his classic role of Mike Wheeler in season four of Stranger Things, which will likely be coming to Netflix in 2020 (or so we hope).

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