Florida Has Some Of The Best Summer Job Opportunities In The Nation For Millennials

Summer is on the way, and we're all ready to make way on our bucket list adventures; however, we're still going to need to fund those trips somehow. Good news - a study confirms that Orlando and several other Florida cities are some of the best markets to earn some summer dough.

Whether you need or simply want some extra cash in your pocket, where you look for a summer job will matter. Wallethub took into account over 180 markets in the U.S. across 21 different job market indicators to help determine which cities offer the best employment outlook and opportunities.

City rankings were determined by point values totaled up from 2 categories, Youth Job Market Rank and Social Environment & Affordability Rank; the data sets ranged from the median income of part-time workers to job availability to rental pricings for one-bedroom properties.

Those looking for a part-time hustle will have their best luck in Orlando. Sitting at the very tippy top out of 182 cities, Orlando stands tall in 2nd for Youth Job Market Rank and 13th for Social Environment & Affordability.

But dear ol' Orlando isn't the only Florida city to place on this list. Following Orlando, only 9 spots down the list is Ft. Lauderdale - with a youth market rate of 11 and 15th in Affordability. Ft. Laudy has some cool spots to hang out after getting that extra cash too, like hidden speakeasies and retro barcades.

Tampa placed pretty high too - with an overall rank of 19th. Included in the top 50 is also Miami in 29th, followed by St. Pete in 49th. Just barely not in the top 50 in 52rd is Jacksonville.

Not all cities in Florida are as great for getting a summer job though. A couple of cities were down in the bottom 50. In 142nd is Tallahassee, followed by Port St. Lucie in 152nd, Cape Coral in 158th, and Pembroke Pines in 162. 

According to the study, the absolute worst Florida city to get a summer gig is Hiahleh, FL. - only 2 from the bottom spot in 180th. Hialeah was found to have some of the worst pay for their summer jobs.

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If you're looking for a lot of jobs to pick from, both Miami and Ft Lauderdale tend to have more available summer jobs than any other Florida city. Internship opportunities are great too if you're wanting to get more experience - Miami having the most available.

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If you aren't from Florida and you're looking for a summer job in your state, scroll over the points on this map to see where they fall.


To read the full findings, methods, see fun facts, and to get job hunting tips from experts, check the Wallethub study in its entirety here.