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Canadians Officially Love The Obamas More Than Anyone Else In The World

Even Donald Trump made the list of Canada's favourites.
Canadians Officially Love The Obamas More Than Anyone Else In The World

As Canadians, we often take pride in the nation that we live in and the public figures that also call Canada home. However, a new study has just revealed who Canadians admire the most, and you'd be surprised to find that the list is mostly comprised of Americans. When Canadians were asked which public figures they admired the most, Barack and Michelle Obama made the top of the list. 

In a new survey conducted by YouGov 42,000 Canadians were asked which public figures they admire the most throughout the world. The most admired man throughout Canada was voted Barack Obama, while the most admired woman in Canada was voted Michelle Obama, making the former political couple an all-time favorite throughout the nation. 

However, it wasn't just Canada that found the previous First Lady the most admirable. YouGov conducted this survey across the globe and discovered that Michelle Obama was the most admired woman across the world. 

YouGov also revealed that Bill Gates was considered the most admirable man across the world, yet he was voted second most admirable in Canada, falling behind Barack Obama. The third most admired man in Canada was ranked as movie star Dwayne Johnson. 

When it comes to the most admirable woman, Canadians felt that Queen Elizabeth II is the second most admirable woman, falling short to Michelle Obama. 

Famous television host Ellen Degeneres came in third, winning over the hearts of Canadians with her hilarious daytime talk show. 

Some surprising names also made it on the list, including Donald Trump. According to YouGov, Canadians find that Donald Trump is the fourteenth most admired man, while Justin Trudeau ranks seventh. 

Taylor Swift also made the list, ranking eleventh most admirable woman, while Hillary Clinton follows close behind as the twelfth. 

To view the full list you can view YouGov's survey here.