Coffee culture is all about sipping on well-brewed coffee in an aesthetically pleasing location. Luckily, there is a specific place in West Palm Beach with a rainbow-inspired scene that is as whimsical as a storybook. Subculture Coffee is a local coffee shop blending the right beans and inviting coffee cognoscenti to the end of the rainbow. 

This coffee shop is the perfect place to connect and relax with people while enjoying the colorful rainbowed-umbrellas suspended in the air above. The art installation features 40 umbrellas over the alleyway with a mural of Albert Einstein with rainbow beams. 

According to Boca Mag, this art installation was inspired by the “Umbrella Sky Project” that features pastel-hued umbrellas in the streets of Portugal. So, if you missed the Umbrella Sky Project featured in Coral Gables last year, this is your chance for an Instagram-worthy content creation.

Subculture Coffee roasts their coffee every day in small batches in order to maintain full flavor development and consistency. Guests can enjoy seasonal flavors and different coffee from around the world. 

The coffee is roasted on a Diedrich IR-12 which offers great flexibility in roast size.

Subculture Coffee serves more than coffee, including a delectable menu with beer, wine, brunch, breakfast and more. The food portions are reasonably sized and the ambiance is a mix of hippie and eclectic vibe.

According to Skylar, a Yelp reviewer "Words can't express how much I loved this place. I got a latte with coconut syrup and it was absolutely perfect."

Whether you are sitting by the book corner or outside having your rainbow acai, Subculture Coffee will transport you to a land of magic.

Subculture Coffee

Address: 509 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Hours: Daily 7 a.m. to midnight

Why you need to go: Subculture Coffee has a beautiful rainbow-inspired art installation in the patio with great coffee.