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Someone Named “Sue” Keeps Mass Texting People In Ontario & It's All Very Confusing

"Sue from Ontario Strong" is the province's greatest mystery right now.

Who the heck is Sue? That’s the question many Ontarians were asking themselves over the weekend after receiving a mysterious text message about the federal government’s carbon tax. The Sue from Ontario Strong text message asks residents whether or not they support the Liberal Party's new environmental initiative. 

So, what is Ontario Strong? No one really knows at the moment. The organization does have a website - there’s just nothing on it. The group’s site is barren except for three tabs: Join, Our Mission and Contact. Both the Join and Contact redirects users to the same page, a digital sign-up sheet where people can plug in their personal information, including their phone number. Which seems redundant, since the group appears to have collected quite a few phone numbers already.

The site also has a brief mission statement in which they outline a vague goal to “stand up for Ontarians.” 

“Ontario is Canada's past and its future. Ontario Strong won't forget about or apologize for our roots. We will speak up about all those things where Ontario leads the world. We will never stop working for an Ontario that can provide an example of a prosperous, peaceful, diverse, and orderly society for the rest of the world to emulate," the statement reads.

Unsurprisingly, Ontarians didn't take too kindly to being text-spammed by the mysterious source.

According to CTV, Ontario Strong was also the group behind a recent robocall campaign. The automated phone message questioned residents about whether or not they supported a pipeline across Ontario to Quebec.

Narcity has reached out to Ontario Strong for additional information, but the organization has yet to respond. We will update this story once we hear back.