You Can Pick-Your-Own Bouquet At Saskatchewan's Most Stunning Sunflower Fields

5000 sunflowers!🌻
You Can Pick-Your-Own Bouquet At Saskatchewan's Most Stunning Sunflower Fields

Flower fields forever! For all of you who can't get enough of bright yellow blooms, we got you covered. You can visit a dreamy sunflower field in Saskatchewan. The giant garden is filled with golden flowers and is the perfect spot to go to with your friends.

Black Fox Farm And Distillery have more going on than just their drinks. Now, you have another reason to visit them, aside from a boozy tasting tour.

The distillery told Narcity that this summer, you can visit their garden of 5000 sunflowers. Best of all, you can even collect a few to bring home with you to brighten up your living room.

The farm has a huge two-acre garden with all types of flowers, and you go with your BFF to pick your favourites. The staff will give you everything you need like a bucket, and shears and you can enjoy the sunshine and sweet-smelling buds.

This experience starts near the end of July and extends until the fall.

For just $35 a bucket, you can fill it with whatever flowers catch your fancy. So go ahead and pick just sunflowers if that is all you want in your bouquet.

Near the end of August, you'll also be able to visit for their Sunflower Festival. The exact date hasn't been announced yet, but you'll be able to buy sunflowers by the stem during this event.

When you are visiting the sunflowers, make sure to explore the field of gladiolas too. They will be in bloom late August too.

This year you can look forward to thousands of more blooms. Last year there was just 17,000, but this year there will be an incredible 50,000 buds in all sorts of colours.

Without a doubt, you can easily spend an entire afternoon here. Between picking flowers and tasting cocktails, it promises to be an unforgettable experience to enjoy.

Black Fox Farm And Distillery

Price: $35 per bucket of flowers

When: Late summer, exact dates TBA

Address: 245 Valley Rd. Comp 117 Site 319 RR3, Saskatoon, SK

Why You Need To Go: You can visit 5000 sunflowers.